General Information

What is Facilities Development?

Facilities Development is responsible for staffing the State Building Commission and developing and implementing the biennial State Building Program. The program includes the construction of new buildings and the remodeling, renovation, and maintenance of existing facilities for all state agencies and the University of Wisconsin System. The division provides technical advice, project management, and field oversight of construction projects; and contracts for architecture/engineering services and construction work. DFD is part of the Department of Administration and is made up of two Bureaus:  the Bureau of Architecture and Engineering (BAE) and the Bureau of Capital Budget and Construction Administration (BCBCA).  DFD is located in the DOA Building at 101 E. Wilson Street in Madison.

Architectural/Engineering Consultants

For information about doing business with the state, see the Architecture/Engineering Consultant Services web page which provides information about how to register your firm and a description of state design consultant opportunities.  The list of Current A/E Selection Opportunities is also available on the DFD website and should be reviewed regularly for new postings.

State Construction Projects

The list of Current Construction Project Bidding Opportunities is available on the DFD website.  Plans and Specifications may be downloaded directly from the website, or for larger projects, firms may request a CD containing the bidding documents be sent to them.  To obtain plans you will need a WisBuild login.  The Current Construction Project Bidding Opportunities web page includes the ability to submit an account request. 

What is WisBuild?

WisBuild is an online project management tool which is available to staff, architects, engineers, and contractors working on state building projects.  A/E firms and contractors must register to gain Wisbuild access.


The 2017 Wisconsin Act 237 made numerous changes to project approval thresholds and bidding requirements for state construction projects. Effective April 5, 2018, the threshold requiring enumeration has increased to $1,000,000, the threshold for State Building Commission approval has increased to $300,000, and the threshold for projects requiring single prime bidding and contracting have increased to $300,000. In addition, effective July 1, 2018, this law creates an exception to single prime contracting for certain construction projects. Under the new law, if 85% or more of the estimated construction cost of a project could be completed by a single trade MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, or fire protection) contractor, the DOA may bid and contract all work for that construction project directly to a single trade MEP contractor. The changes for single trade contracting take effect for projects advertised for bid after July 1, 2018. Finally, the new law also made changes to Architect/Engineer (A/E) selection requirements for state construction projects. The threshold for projects requiring major A/E Selection with interviews has increased to $7,400,000. These changes take effect for Requests for Services issued on or after April 5, 2018.