Vendor Certification - Application Information

Application Fees
The application fee for a gaming-related contractor certificate is $4,000 for entities outside of Wisconsin and $3,000 Wisconsin-headquartered entities. Receipt of application fees must be confirmed prior to processing of application materials.

The Division of Gaming staff time expended on application processing and investigation is billed at a rate of $55/hour along with investigative expenses against the application fee. If investigative costs exceed the application fees, the applicant will be billed prior to issuance of the certificate and on a quarterly basis for any additional investigations during the certification period. Fees are subject to change without notice and are non-refundable.


Application and Investigation Process

The OIGRC vendor certification process typically takes between 60-180 days from initial receipt of applications through the investigation to issuance of the certificate. These are they typical steps in the process and expected timeframes for each step:

Notification is provided to the vendor that certification is required along with initial documentation request for organizational charts  and ownership records to determine the list of individual applicants.7-10 days
Invoice is provided for payment of application fee30 days
Applicant list and forms are provided with due date45 days
Application review by OIGRC and request for additional documentation as needed
30-60 days
Investigation by the OIGRC including review of documents provided, requests for additional documents, searches and contacts with other jurisdictions, writeup of reports and recommendations to Division authority.90-180 days
Approval of investigative report and issuance of certification7-10 days
​​NOTE: All timeframes provided are estimates only. Actual investigative time may vary significantly depending on the response time to requests, volume of applicants/information and investigative complexity.