Vendor Certification


The Office of Indian Gaming and Regulatory Compliance’s (OIGRC's) Vendor Certification section is responsible for the investigation and certification of vendor applicants. Pursuant to the Compacts, background investigations are conducted on vendors as well as on their principals and key employees. These background investigations include both criminal and financial investigations.


Section VII of the State/Tribal Gaming Compacts between the State of Wisconsin and the eleven federally-recognized Wisconsin Tribes requires all persons who enter into or maintain a gaming-related contract with a Tribe involving total consideration exceeding various limits ($10,000 - $100,000) in any year to apply for a gaming-related contractor certificate from the Division of Gaming. Section VII. further authorizes the Division of Gaming to process and approve or deny applications for certification pursuant to specific criteria outlined in the Compacts. The Compacts also contain provisions authorizing the Division of Gaming to grant temporary certification to vendors meeting specific criteria.


Determinations regarding whether vendors are required to apply for certification are made by the OIGRC after review of specific information provided by the vendor. In order to determine whether a vendor requires certification under Section VII., a vendor must submit a written request for gaming-related determination to the OIGRC.

Requests must be submitted electronically in writing and must include all of the following information:

  • A complete description of the specific products and/or services being provided to Wisconsin Tribal gaming facilities.
  • Information regarding the products, including an indication as to whether the vendor also currently provides the identical product to non-gaming entities.
  • Information regarding hardware and software (if applicable), including whether the product interfaces directly with casino software and provides access to live data whether read-write or read-only.
  • Installation and maintenance information (if applicable), including whether representatives of the company will be on site at Wisconsin Tribal gaming facilities to install and/or provide ongoing maintenance to the products.
  • Contract information, including the consideration amount the vendor anticipates receiving from any Wisconsin Tribe(s) during the next 12 months, the expected contract date(s) and the planned installation/delivery or service dates.
  • Name, phone number, and email address for any Wisconsin Tribe or casino employee with whom you have been in contact regarding the purchase of specific products and/or services.

E-mail your request to:  John Dillett, Division of Gaming Administrator, at