Common Questions

1.  What are the Inter-D mail functions?

  • Sort all incoming United States Postal Service (USPS) mail
  • Sort all interdepartmental (Inter-D) mail
  • Pickup and deliver all Inter-D mail between state agencies
  • Pickup and deliver all incoming and outgoing USPS mail for state agencies

2.  What are not Inter-D mail functions?

  • Transport personal mail or packages
  • Transport office furniture from one building to another
  • Transport Records Center boxes – call the Records Center Supervisor at 608-264-9506
  • Transport UPS, DHL, FedEx or any private courier mail
  • Transport items that have been miss-delivered by a commercial courier
  • Load hampers, cages, pallets for state agencies outgoing mail
  • Shrink wrap pallets for state agencies outgoing mail

3. How is certified mail handled?

  • Inter-D mail staff signs and receives accountable and certified mail Inter-D mail customers. Inter-D mail receives mail from 2 locations in Madison WI. Monday through Friday.
    • U.S. Postal Service, 3902 Milwaukee, Madison, WI 53714-9998
    • Capitol Station Retail, Manchester Building 2 E Mifflin St., Madison, WI 53703
  • The certified mail from the U.S. Post Offices above are transported to the Inter-D mailroom.
  • The certified mail is sorted to the appropriate state agency mail slot.
  • Certified mail is delivered on route each day to the receiving agency along with the other interdepartmental and street address mail.
  • Firm Delivery Receipts may be attached to some if not all of the certified mail pieces.  Each agency receiving these Firm Delivery Receipts should verify each parcel tracking number and quantity listed on these sheets.
  • If all information is correct, simply PRINT YOUR NAME, SIGN YOUR NAME and DATE the Firm Delivery Receipt.  Place this into the outgoing interdepartmental mail tote.
  • All printed, signed and dated Firm Delivery Receipts received by the Inter-D mail unit are recorded by the date the parcels were received from the U.S. Postal Service.

*Please note: If you need to find information about a certified mail piece, please follow the below information or you can simply visit:, then click on “Track & Confirm”

Contact the Inter-D mail supervisor with the following information:
Tracking Number?
What day was the certified mail accepted at the Post Office?
Who is the certified mail addressed to?
Inter-D mail staff will research the Tracking Information, Firm Delivery Receipts, and Work with the USPS to locate the missing piece.

4.  How should Inter-D envelopes be addressed?

  • Cross off previous address completely.
  • Include on the envelope:
    • Person’s Name
    • Department Name (Do not use acronyms)
    • Address
    • Room Number or Floor (if applicable)
  • Verify that the address is current
  • Address mail so that a non-state employee can understand the address
  • Do not use P.O Boxes on Inter-D envelopes
  • Do not use half of the Inter-D envelope for the address

*Please note: All Inter-D mail transfers are sorted and delivered by location and not recipient’s name.

5. How do I receive more Inter-D envelopes?

  • Interdepartmental envelopes can be ordered through Staples or your MDS State of Wisconsin account.  The Inter-D mail unit recommends the following SKU’s: STP511291, QUA63564 or QUA63560
  • Please do not contact the mail truck driver and ask for “spares”.

6.  If my agency is moving, what steps should I take regarding updating the Inter-D mail unit?

  • Contact the Inter-D mail supervisor by electronic mail and/or telephone as soon as information of the move is available.
    • Inter-D mail supervisor
    • Office: (608) 266-1091
    • Cell: (608) 444-4204
  • Give as much information as possible such as:
    • Address of old location
    • Address of new location
    • Date of move
    • List of all Post Office Boxes forwarded to the old location
    • Is there a mail room or loading dock at the new location?
  • All Post Office Box forwarding address changes must be conveyed to the U.S. Postal Service.  Contact the USPS at

*Please note: Mail delivery/pickup time(s) might change due to the new location.

7.  What constitutes freight versus mail?

  • The priority of the Inter-D Mail is to pick up and deliver Inter-D and USPS Mail
  • The following items are considered freight and are not transported through the Inter-D system:
    • Computers
    • Monitors
    • Copy paper
    • Blank envelopes & forms
    • Office supplies
    • Tape cases
    • Salt
    • Furniture

Mail Transportation Services (Inter-D)
Mailroom: (608) 266-9670 • Supervisor: (608) 444-4204 or (608) 266-1091