State of Wisconsin Return to Workplace Initiative

Initiative Overview

The Department of Administration is pleased to announce the Return to Workplace (RTWP) Initiative for reimbursement for improvements provided by state agencies to existing state facilities that will increase safety for our returning workers.

DOA will be working with state agencies to identify the projected costs of transforming existing workspace into the safer work environments. Every state agency will have the opportunity to identify the projects, along with the associated costs of updating their facilities for the following purposes:

Physical Improvements and Cubicle Configuration
Allowable expenditures will include: (a) the insertion of Plexiglas sheets or other dividers; (b) reconstructing or reconfiguring cubicles to better suit the safety standards associated with the prevention of COVID-19; (c) moving existing furniture, cabinetry, and file cabinets to meet such safety standards; and (d) other approved projects that will improve employee safety.

Conference Room and Common Room Technology and Improvements
Allowable expenditures will include: (a) the purchase and installation of software and equipment to improve safe meetings while allowing for collaboration; (b) reconfiguring current equipment to better support safer working conditions; and (c) other approved projects that will improve employee safety.

The associated costs incurred for RTWP improvements should be within the time period beginning April 1, 2021 and ending August 31, 2021. Additional associated costs incurred after August 31, 2021 may be submitted for consideration though will be at the discretion of DOA for approval for reimbursement.

Program Overview Document - Updated 8/25/2021

Financial Reporting Instructions

All agency submissions should be made to the WI COVID-19 Federal Funds e-mail address at:

Budget Request Template - Updated 8/23/2021

Budget Narrative Request Form