Municipal Boundary Review News

​​​​​​​​​​​Town of Wrightstown (Greenleaf) Incorporation Petition
Public Hearing, July 14, 2020
Post Hearing Comments
          Hearing Registration Slips
          Boundary Agreement Draft
              Boundary Agreement Draft - Maps
          Discontinuation Letter
          Video Tour of Greenleaf
                  STH 96 Day Street tour:

      STH 32 57 tour:

     ​Country Creek tour:

      Streets in Greenleaf tour:

    ​ Ridge Royale tour:

      Brecken Ridge Falls tour:

      Fair Lane tour:​

Incorporation Review Board Meeting, September 22, 2020​
Incorporation Review Board Meeting, October 21, 2020

Town of Clayton - Town of Neenah Cooperative Plan

City of Madison - Town of Blooming Grove Cooperative Plan (Amendment)

Town of Clayton (Village of Larsen) Incorporation Petition
     Exhibit 1 Petition​​