Comprehensive Plan Inventory

​​  Last updated: 08/14/2023

The Comp Plan and Land Regs Inventory spreadsheet lists all of Wisconsin’s counties, cities, villages, towns, tribes, and regional planning commissions and the most recent date of comprehensive plan adoption. For counties and municipalities, there are also fields for zoning, subdivision ordinance, and link to an ordinances webpage, if availiable.  

The Department of Administration does not certify received comprehensive plans as complying with the Comprehensive Planning Law​. Plans are frequently amended or updated. Department records may not include the latest plan update or amendment adoption date. 

In order to obtain plans from communities, please look on the respective local government website. For plans not available online, please contact the municipal or county clerk. To look up a municipal clerk's contact information, use the Wisconsin Municipal Data System.

The 2023 Wisconsin Comprehensive Plan and Local Land Regulations Inventory Report analyzes the Comp Plan and Land Regs Inventory as it existed in June of 2023.   

Individual maps from the report