Kids at Work, Safer at Home

​​​​​​​Welcome to the 2020 edition of Take Your Child to Work Day! We have to conduct the workplace visits a bit differently this year, but with the links and resources below, you can still guide your kids through a fascinating day of discovery and inspiration, and help them appreciate all that our state – and state government – have to offer. Enjoy exploring these adventures with your kids!

​And now...a welcome message from Det. Sgt. ​Price and Detective K9 Yachi of the Wisconsin State Capitol Police:​

Paddle to Sea (Video) ​(PDF) ​Holling C. Holling

America’s Black Holocaust Museum - This museum features online galleries about slavery and racial justice in America that can be accessed from one’s living room couch.

Grohmann Museum - This museum focused on art about the history of human work, lets viewers explore a guided collection of their artwork in this virtual experience.

Haggerty Museum - The museum lets viewers explore a range of work from their permanent collection right at home.

Harley-Davidson Museum - This museum has a variety of virtual experiences for viewers whether it be browsing the museum’s permanent collection or even special exhibits.

Jewish Museum Milwaukee - This museum gives Milwaukeens the chance to visit the museum from anywhere they please and even features a complete virtual tour of its latest special exhibit, The Girl in the Diary.

Milwaukee Art Museum - This museum has a plethora of options for its art lovers, including podcasts, audio guides, videos, teaching resources for kids, their online collection and even a 360-degree Windhover Hall experience.

Wisconsin Black Historical Society Learning Center - This museum offers a collection of lesson plans and programs that allows kids at home to learn about the history of African Americans in Wisconsin.

Overture Center Galleries

UW School of Music Videos

Virtual Wisconsin Experiences curated by the Dept. of Tourism


Learn about Working for Government:

Careers and Businesses in Wisconsin

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