DFD Forms and Documents

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This library includes the most commonly used DFD forms.

Design/AE Forms and Documents

Form NameForm No.Description/Additional Info
AE Policy and Procedure Manual
​DOA-4518 Revised 4/2024
AE Fee Proposal Checklist
​NA ​Revised 2/2024​
AE Consultant Proposal Template​​
​NA ​Revised 12/2023
Building Data/Cost Report​DOA-4265 
Building Data/Cost Report-Instructions for Completion​DOA-4265I 
Building Energy Modeling Form​NA
Consultant Fee Schedule - How to Upload​NA
Consultant Performance Evaluation Process​DOA-4511
Contract-AE Contract for Professional Services - All Forms Included​DOA-4519
​Sample - Includes DOA-4519, 4520, 4524 & 4526
Contract-Consultant Services Contract​DOA-4147​​​
Design Report Budget​NA​Revised 12/2018
Designation of Confidential and Proprietary Information​DOA-3027N
Energy Conservation Measures FormNA
Life Cycle Costing on State Building Projects - Guidelines​NA
Life Cycle Cost Plan and Report​​NA
Major Projects-Manual for Preparation of MEP Specifications (Front End)
​DOA-4191PRevised ​3/2024
Major Projects-Manual for Preparation of GPC Specifications (Front End)​DOA-4192PRevised ​3/2024
Major Projects-Manual for Preparation of AAC Specifications (Front End)
​DOA-4194PRevised ​3/2024​​​​​
Technical Specification Title Page & TOC Template.docx​​​
Revised 1/2023
​Construction Progress Meeting
​​Revised 6/2023
Renewable Energy Resources Form​NA 
Uploading Documents via DFD SharePoint Site - AE Instructions​NA
Uploading Monthly Letter of Interest - AE Instructions​NA

Construction Contractor Forms and Documents

Form NameForm No.Description/Additional Info
Affidavit of Compliance MBE-DVBDOA-4266Revised 8/2022
Asbestos/Lead Abatement Certification​DOA-4509
Bid BondDOA-4506
Change Order Proposal Form​ - General Prime ContractorNA​​​Revised 12/2023
​Change Order Proposal Form - Subcontractor
Revised 12/2023​
Construction Addendum Template
Revised 1/2023​
Preparation of Addenda Instructions​​​​
Revised 1/2023
Construction ContractDOA-4504​Sample
Contract Compliance Law PosterDOA-3031P
Contractor Payroll Compliance StatementDOA-4185 
Contractor Payroll ReportDOA-4184
Contractor Certification ApplicationDOA-4183
Corporate ResolutionDOA-4537
GPC Bid BondDOA-4190
MEP Bid BondDOA-4189
Off-Site Storage AgreementDOA-4528
Performance Bond (100%)DOA-4188
Payment Bond (100%)DOA-4187
Reimbursable Labor Rate Worksheet-RLRWNARevised 11/2023
Request for Exemption from Submitting AA PlanDOA-3024A
Request for Subcontractor ApprovalDOA-4225
Request for Submittal ApprovalDOA-4523​Revised 12/2023
Settlement CertificationDOA-4507
Value Enhancement ProposalDOA-4521​This form is used only for Small Projects.
Wage Rate Affidavit of ComplianceDOA-4507

State Agency Forms and Documents

Form NameForm No.Description/Additional Info
Construction Contract Closeout Checklist​NA​DFD Field Staff
Energy Cost Reduction Plan-Instructions​NA​Agency Staff
Energy Cost Reduction Plan-Energy Conservation Opportunities Form​NA​Agency Staff
Energy Cost Reduction Plan-Energy Use Worksheet​NA​Agency Staff
Energy Use Policy​​NAAgency Staff - Policy for state owned and leased facilities.
Photovoltaic System Funding Guidelines​NA​Agency Staff
Transmittal Notice for Reviews​DOA-4525​DFD Staff​