FY 2022 Closing

 FY2022 SCO Accounting Compliance Calendar

Closing Calendar

Date                      Task
7/08/2022              Final day to load inter-unit bills/vouchers (DOA to complete by 7/12/2022)
7/14/2022              Final Expense Processing
7/14/2022              Final AP Processing
7/16-7/17 2022      Purchase Order Roll
8/05/2022              FY 2022 closed for non-project agencies
8/09/2022              All Form 78's verified for non-project agencies
8/10/2022              Project costing closed
8/11/2022              BI closed
8/12/2022              AR closed
8/12/2022              FY 2022 closed for all agencies except DOR
8/16/2022              All Form 78's verified for project agencies
8/17/2022              FY 2022 closed for DOR
8/19/2022              All Form 78's verified for DOR
9/02/2022              FY 2022 GL Roll to FY 2023

FY2022 Available Budget Review for Agencies 08.19.22​​​​​​

FY2022 Module Close Guide

FY2022 Accounts Payable Mismatch

FY2022 Expense Reporting Mismatch

​​FY 2022 Year-End Closing Task List​

STAR Project vs Non-Project Agencies

Annual Appropriation Certification Agency Instructions

Collected Revenue Analysis Register 07.25.2022