FY 2020 Closing

​FY2020 SCO Accounting Compliance Calendar

Closing Calendar

Date                      Task
7/10/2020              Final day to load inter-unit bills/vouchers
7/16/2020              Final Expense Processing
7/16/2020              Final AP Processing
7/18-7/19 2020      Purchase Order Roll
8/11/2020              FY 2020 Closed for non-project agencies
8/13/2020              All Form 78's verified for non-project agencies
8/14/2020              Project costing closed
8/17/2020              BI closed
8/18/2020              AR closed
8/18/2020              FY 2020 closed for all agencies except DOR
8/19/2020              FY 2020 closed for DOR
8/20/2020              All Form 78's verified for project agencies
8/21/2020              All Form 78's verified for DOR
9/4/2020                FY 2020 GL Roll to FY 2021

FY2020 Available Budget Review for Agencies 08.12.20

Statutory Balance Adjustment          Statutory Balance Adjustment Instructions

AP FY End Process 2020

EX FY End Process 2020pdf

STAR Project vs Non-Project Agencies

FY 2020 Year-End Closing Task List

Annual Appropriation Certification Agency Instructions

Collected Revenue Analysis Register 08.7.2020

COVID-19 GL IU Journal Job Aid                 COVID-19 GL IU Journal Example

Form 78 Verification Status