PRO-609 Purchasing Products with Safety Data Sheets, and Products Containing Phosphorus

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​​PRO-D-4, D-14



    The purpose of this policy is to establish authority and procedure for ensuring compliance with state laws related to the procurement of infectious agents, hazardous chemicals and/or products containing phosphorus.


    The procurement, and use, of certain materials carry additional requirements as outlined in Wisconsin State statutes. Specifically, agencies will comply with restrictions on the purchase of products containing phosphorus and will obtain and keep Safety Data Sheets (SDS) as provided herein.

    Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

    A Safety Data Sheet, as defined under Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 29 CFR 1910.1200(c), means written or printed material concerning a hazardous chemical which is prepared in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.1200(g).

    As an employer, as defined under the Employees' Right to Know Law, §101.58(2)(a) and (e), Wis. Stats., each state agency is responsible for responding to employee requests for information on toxic substances, infectious agents, and pesticides in the workplace under §§101.583, 101.585, and 101.586, Wis. Stats.. Each state agency must retain and maintain SDS for hazardous chemicals present at the agency.

    For more information on OSHA SDS, see

    Products Containing Phosphorus

    State agencies will not purchase or use products that contain more than 0.5 (one-half of one) percent phosphorus by weight which cannot be sold to the public at the retail level, unless otherwise exempted. The State Bureau of Procurement may waive the application of this policy in any case where health, safety, or public welfare would be negatively affected.


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PRO-609 Purchasing Products with Safety Data Sheets, and Products Containing Phosphorus