PRO-606 Supplier Diversity Policy and Reporting

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​​PRO-D-1, D-9, D-10, D-12, D-35, G-2, G-3



    The scope of this policy is to define state procurement spending goals with certain diverse suppliers, prescribe official procedure for applying preferences, and establish agency reporting requirements.


    The State of Wisconsin is committed to supplier diversity. State agencies will engage, encourage, and remove undue impediments, to promote participation of diverse suppliers in state purchasing.

    The Department of Administration, Wisconsin Supplier Diversity Program (WISDP) certifies minority-owned business enterprises (MBE), disabled veteran-owned businesses (DVB) and woman-owned businesses (WBE) as defined in applicable statutes. See PRO-101, Procurement Definitions and Thresholds. A listing of businesses certified by WISDP is posted on the Supplier Diversity Program website. 

    State agencies will attempt to ensure that 5% of the total amount expended in state purchasing in each fiscal year is paid to MBEs and that 1% is paid to DVBs.

    In furtherance of these goals, state agencies may apply a 5% MBE/DVB preference (referred to herein as the "MBE/DVB preference") in competitive solicitations. For the purposes of this policy, a qualified bid is a responsible bid or proposal submitted by a WISDP-certified MBE or DVB. See PRO-305, Basis for Bid Awards and PRO-308, Basis of Award for Competitive Negotiation (RFP).

    For agencies using the competitive process to award contracts funded by approved federal grants or programs with additional or modified supplier diversity stipulations for the resulting contract as a condition of receiving funds, the agency will include those requirements and terms in the solicitation(s).

    The MBE/DVB preference does not apply to the procurement of printing or stationery. See PRO-505, Print Procurement Policy and Procedure.


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