PRO-310 Procurement of Signage

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​​PIM 18-002



    The purpose of this policy is to establish procurement requirements that are unique to signs and signage.


    Per s. 16.75(1)(b)(2), there is a competitive bidding threshold unique to signage purchases. See PRO-101, Procurement Definitions and Thresholds for the threshold and definition of signage. Signs are not state printing.

    Best Judgment, Simplified Bidding

    The signage bid threshold is lower than the best judgement threshold for all other goods and services. As such, agencies have the option to use best judgment or simplified bidding if the purchase does not exceed the signage bid threshold. Based on the selected method, all other requirements of either PRO-302, Best Judgment Purchasing or PRO-303, Simplified Bidding apply.

    Official Sealed Bidding Required

    The official sealed bid/Request for Bid (RFB) process is required for every procurement over the signage bid threshold. See PRO-304, Bidding Policy and Procedure, Official Sealed Bid. Agencies that anticipate making multiple signage purchases over the threshold over a given term (one year or more) will follow the procedures set forth in s. II below.

    No Interagency Procurement Over Threshold

    Statutory requirements related to Wisconsin correctional enterprises, s. 16.75(3t), does not apply to signage. See PRO-507, Procurement from Wisconsin Bureau of Correctional Enterprises (BCE) and s. III below.


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PRO-310 Procurement of Signage