PRO-308 Basis of Award for Competitive Negotiation (RFP)

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    The scope of this policy is to establish a basis for awarding contracts using the competitive negotiation (Request for Proposal (RFP)) process, and the use of the best and final offer (BAFO) option in determining such awards.


    It is the responsibility of the procuring agency to ensure that only those individuals with proper training in the request for proposal process be allowed to manage such functions, and that they exercise good judgment, due diligence, and to honestly and fairly manage the evaluation process.

    Request for proposal awards shall be based on the evaluation committee recommendation. See PRO-307, Evaluation Committee (RFP).

    The evaluation committee, and/or the procurement lead, may elect to conduct a best and final offer (BAFO) process to determine awards. The BAFO process represents an optional step in the selection process for an RFP and is not part of the contract negotiation process.

    The considerations and scoring used to determine awards must correlate with the method of award as described by the procuring agency in the RFP.


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PRO-308 Basis of Award for Competitive Negotiation (RFP)

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