PRO-307 Evaluation Committee (Request for Proposal)

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    The purpose of this policy is to establish the duties of the procurement lead, membership and duties of an evaluation committee, the use of subject matter experts, prescribe official procedure for issue resolution, and the required composition of evaluation committee reports. 


    Before a request for proposal (RFP) is distributed to prospective contractors, the procuring agency will establish an evaluation committee in accordance with applicable rules.

    No person will serve on an evaluation committee where the action of that committee might benefit that person, or a member of that person's immediate family, or any organization or business with which that person is associated.

    Pursuant to Wisconsin 2006 Executive Order 137 "the evaluation committee shall exclude any employee of the Office of the Governor, and any unclassified Agency Head, Commissioner, Deputy Agency Head, Executive Assistant or Division Administrator." For UW System Administration and campuses appointees are defined as UW System President and Vice President and Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and Provost positions. 

    When an RFP includes highly technical or specialized components, the evaluation committee may convene a subgroup of subject matter experts who serve in an advisory capacity and are non-scoring members of the evaluation committee.

    Evaluation committee activities will be summarized in an evaluation committee report, made part of the official procurement file. The report will be composed using DOA-3835, Evaluation Committee Report.


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PRO-307 Evaluation Committee (Request for Proposal)​​