PRO-306 Competitive Negotiation (Request for Proposal)





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    The purpose of this policy is to establish authority and procedures for the competitive negotiation (also referred to as Request for Proposal or RFP).


    The RFP process is used to solicit proposals where an award cannot be made strictly on specifications or price and several firms are qualified to furnish the product or service. However, price is always a material consideration.

    The State Bureau of Procurement may solicit proposals or may delegate responsibility to the purchasing agency. The agency requests approval to conduct RFPs using procurement plans. See PRO-201, Procurement Plans.

    Request for proposals must be constructed to permit the method of award to be based on the most advantageous proposal as judged by an evaluation committee. See PRO-308, Basis of Award for Competitive Negotiation (RFP) and PRO-307, Evaluation Committee (RFP).

    All RFPs will provide for consideration of proposals from supplier-diverse businesses, and reporting requirements of contractors doing business with the same, per PRO-606, Supplier Diversity Policy and Reporting.

    Additional requirements unique to contractual services procurements will be followed as identified in PRO-204, Contractual Services Procurement.

    The use of the RFP process is not allowed in the purchase of stationery or printing. See PRO-505, Printing Procurement Policy and Procedure.


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PRO-306 Competitive Negotiation (Request for Proposal)

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