PRO-303 Simplified Bidding

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    The purpose of this policy is to establish authority and procedure for simplified bidding.


    Simplified bidding is a method of procurement used when the estimated cost of a transaction is less than the minimum of the official sealed bidding threshold, but more than the best judgment threshold, using the total value anticipated for the purchase, and when the need cannot otherwise be met on a mandatory contract. See PRO-101, Procurement Definitions and Thresholds and PRO-402, Statewide Contracts: Standards and Utilization.

    Agencies will use all reasonable efforts to maximize competition in the solicitation and award of simplified bids, including but not limited to the use of existing systems and bidders lists. See PRO-103, Procurement Systems and Bidders Lists.

    Agencies will report such transactions with supplier-diverse businesses as required by PRO-606, Supplier Diversity Policy and Reporting.

    Agencies will use all reasonable efforts to solicit small businesses, veteran-owned businesses, supplier-diverse businesses and work centers. The simplified bid process will not be used to restrict competition or to prevent qualified bidders from bidding on procurements.


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