PRO-209 Sustainability in Procurement

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    The purpose of this policy is to promote development of contract specifications that minimize the generation of solid waste and increase recyclability and to establish procedures to follow in purchasing goods with recycled content.


    The Bureau of Procurement, state agencies and authorities as prescribed in s. 16.72(2)(e), Wis. Stats., have certain responsibilities to promote the purchase of recycled or recovered materials, and to minimize solid waste generation through its procurement activities to the extent practicable.

    To achieve the goals of recycling and waste reduction in procurement, actions will include revising specifications, bidding effectively, and purchasing recycled or recovered products.

    Equipment procurement and the consideration of energy use factors is covered by PRO-510, Procurement of Equipment: Energy-Efficient and Graphic Reproduction.

    Use of life cycle costing is consistent with sustainability goals and will be followed when applicable. See PRO-208, Life Cycle Costing.

    The Bureau's role is to assist state agencies in achieving these goals, and ensuring standards set in state contracts allow for recycled, recovered, and energy-efficient products wherever technically and economically feasible.


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PRO-209 Sustainability in Procurement