SCO Accounting Support

​To provide improved accounting support to the agencies, the SCO has designated 5 staff to address agency accounting questions.  Each SCO support staff will work with designated agencies to gain knowledge of their programs, appropriations and any unique accounting issues, so that they may be more helpful and responsive to questions – especially during the Fiscal Year End. 

A listing of the SCO staff and the agencies that each will support may be found in this worksheet:

SCO Accounting Support – Agency List.pdf

Also, the document below provides a chart that shows which questions should be routed to the SCO Accounting Support vs. the SCO Subject Matter Experts vs. STAR Support.  If an agency initially sends a question to one area, and it is determined that another area can better respond, the question will be rerouted, and the agency will be informed.


Please contact State Controller Angela Thomas if you have any comments or ideas on how the State Controller’s Office may improve the support it provides to agency accountants.  ​