WisCraft Facilities Milwaukee

The WisCraft facilities are owned by the Department of Administration, and leased and operated by WisCraft Inc., Wisconsin Enterprises for the Blind – Beyond Vision.

​5316 W. State St.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208
​         5504 W. State St.
         Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208
​Constructed in the 1930’s. This facility has 2 above ground floors with
36,000 GSF of space
​Constructed in the 1930’s. This facility has 1 above ground floor with 3,814 GSF of space
​Available Transportation/Parking 
​Available Transportation/Parking
​  Parking 15 public parking stalls, 1 handicap visitor stall 
  Bus         Milwaukee County Transit System 
  Car Pools         None
  State Van Pools None 
  Bike Racks One
​  Parking 10 stalls in a shared lot
  Bus         Milwaukee County Transit System 
  Car Pools         None
  State Van Pools None 
  Bike Racks None
Handicapped Accessibility 
Handicapped Accessibility 
  ​Parking 1 public visitor stall
  Ramps Front 
  Entrance         None
  Restrooms         All floors have handicap stalls, washing facilities 
                                & towel dispensers
  Elevator Signage Braille on door edges & push buttons
  Telephones None
  Water Fountains 3
  Directory Signage No
  ​Parking Public street handicap parking available 
  Ramps None, entrance is ground level & accessible 
  Entrance         1 auto door opener
  Restrooms         There are two unisex restrooms with
                                washing facilities & towel dispensers 
  Elevator Signage No elevators
  Telephones None
  Water Fountains None
  Directory Signage No