Transportation Revenue Refunding Bon​ds of 2020, Series 1 (Taxable)

Transportation Revenue Refunding Bonds of 2020, Series 1 (Taxable)
State of Wisconsin 

Negotiated Sale​

The following is the syndicate members for the above-referenced bond issue.  Information on this issuance can be provided by any of the contacts provided or may be obtained by contacting the State of Wisconsin Capital Finance Office at (608) 266-5355 or via e-mail at


Book Running Co-Senior Manager

Wells Fargo Securities; Kevin Hoecker,, 312-920-3563

Co-Senior Manager

Siebert Williams Shank & Co., LLC; Ramon Ortega,, 312-759-1040


​FHN Financial Capital Markets; Ajay Thomas,, 512-813-7662

Morgan Stanley;  William Mack,, 312-706-4266

Piper Sandler & Co.; Neil Pritz,, 312-267-5193

TD Securities; Ken Gambone,, 212-827-2714

UBS; Elizabeth Coolidge,, 312-953-5708

Attached is the Preliminary Official Statement for the above-references bond issue:

The Preliminary Official Statement includes by​ reference Parts I, II and V of the State of Wisconsin Continuing Disclosure Annual Report, dated December 21, 2019.

State of Wisconsin Continuing Disclosure Annual Report 2019​

*Preliminary; subject to change​