Treasury Services-Enterprise Banking Services

Enterprise Banking Services Contract (Available to Local Governments)

Local Governments

The State's banking contract leverages a processing volume that exceeds 28 million payments per year in order to achieve the lowest possible fees.  Credit/debit card transactions are processed for $0.035/transaction + the nationally-published interchange fees.  The State's contract is available to any local government (including school districts and technical colleges) within the State of Wisconsin.  Depending on the services needed, the government will need to sign one or both of the Participation Agreements below.  Please contact one of the following U.S. Bank representatives with any questions:

Credit/Debit Card Processing: Jay Johnson, (910) 686-0867,

All other services: Kerri Stoner, (715) 491-4253,

                           ​Jake Lapacek, (920) 830-6069,

Description of Contract Services

The State Controllers Office administers the Enterprise Banking Services Contract. The contract provides banking services for agencies to use in collecting and disbursing state moneys. The major service areas covered under the contract are: ​

  • Depository and Check Presentment
  • Disbursement ​
  • Electronic Lockbox (online acceptance of credit/debit card and e-check payments)
  • Credit and debit card processing
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (includes ACH and Wire Transfer)
  • Information Reporting

The current Enterprise Banking Services provider is U.S. Bank. The contract term ends on June 30, 2025. The contract may be renewed for a two-year term. For a description of all services, please go t​o VendorN​et.​

Performance/Contract Administrators​

The largest user state agenci​es meet periodically with the Contractor to discuss performance issues. The Contractor receives a quarterly performance score. Agencies should contact a Contract Administrator at with questions, or to report performance problems.