Treasury Services - Electronic Lockbox (E-Payments)

Electronic Lockbox (E-Payments)

The Department of Administration provides a broad set of services so that agencies can receive payments and remittance data electronically.  These services are referred to as Electronic Lockbox (E-Payment) Services, and include:

  • Initial consultation to determine the most cost-effective and convenient combination of electronic lockbox services;
  • Assistance in setting new bank accounts and Merchant Identification Numbers (MID).
  • Assistance in setting up all aspects of an Electronic Lockbox (E-Payment) application including the E-Payment web pages hosted by the State's E-Payment gateway services provider (note: set-up of the agency's storefront web application is not provided).
  • Assistance in troubleshooting technical problems experienced in testing and in production.
  • Automatic recording of daily cash receipts into STAR.
  • Full reconciliation support.
  • Automatic transfer of daily remittance data files to DOA's FTP Server.

Electronic Payments

An integral part of all Electronic Lockbox (E-Payment) applications is the online acceptance of electronic payments (credit/debit/atm debit card and e-check payments). The State of Wisconsin's online payment transactions are processed through an E-Payment gateway service provided by the Enterprise Banking Services Contract.

More than 140 Electronic Lockbox (E-Payment) applications have now been implemented under the State's contract, and over 30 million online payments have been accepted.  More than 1.2 million Wisconsin residents will utilize this E-Payment gateway to pay state agencies during 2019.​ At least 70 local governments utilize the State's Enterprise Banking Services Contract for online payment applications, including the City of Madison, the City of Milwaukee, the City of Eau Claire and 53 Wisconsin counties.

Getting Started

The process of implementing a web application with an E-Payment solution is defined in four steps - orientation, initiation, planning, and implementation.

Step 1 - Orientation

Review the technical and financial documentation to develop an understanding of the E-Payment process. To review the technical and financial documentation and for further information, please contact DOATreasury@wi​

Step 2 - Initiate an Electronic Lockbox (E-Payment) Application Request
Decide if you want to move forward to develop an Electronic Lockbox (E-Payment) application.  Complete an Electroic Locbox Application Request Form provided by the Treasury Services within the State Controller’s Office.
The State Controller's Office reviews your application request within 5 business days and provides any additional forms that need to be completed.

Step 3 - Planning
Develop your State Agency team to include a financial lead, technical lead, program/business expert and project lead.  The State Controller's Office will prepare a project timeline for establishing your application.

Step 4 - Implementation
Implementation will take 60 days or more which includes 30 days of State Agency testing. Prior to launching the application into production, the application will be frozen for a period of 3 business days, during which no changes will be made.


Monitoring and Reconciling Electronic Lockbox (E-Payment) ​Applications

Each Electronic Lockbox (E-Payment) application must be monitored and reconciled. ​Questions? Please contact at the State Controller's Office.