Supplier Payment Questions

​Electronic Invoice Submission: ​

To submit an invoice electronically, email the document to your​ respective agency contact. Agency AP Contact List Invoices will not be accepted if they do not meet the minimum requirements of a properly-completed invoice.​​​

Submitting a Properly-Completed Invoice

Prompt Payment Law

FAQ's ​​

Important Information

State Sales Tax:  The State of Wisconsin does not pay State Sales Tax charged by a Wisconsin-based supplier for goods and/or services.

Late Fees and Interest Charges:  Late payment or interest fees charged by suppliers are not authorized, other than by regulated utilities.

Payment Terms:   Unless otherwise established by written agreement, or a discount is offered for early payment, all invoices will be paid as Net30.

Registering with the WI Department of Revenue:​   Effective July 26, 2003, the Wisconsin Legislature enacted a law relating to the collection of sales and use tax from suppliers doing business with the State of Wisconsin. The law provides that agencies and authorities cannot purchase any materials, supplies, equipment, or contractual services from suppliers, if the supplier and its affiliates are not registered, collecting, and remitting Wisconsin sales or use tax on sales of tangible personal property and taxable services in Wisconsin. This law does not change the federal constitutional limitations on who must be licensed to conduct business in Wisconsin.​ Information on how this law may impact you may be found here: ​​​​​WI Department of Revenue Vendor Law​​

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