SCO Foreign Supplier Maintenance

​Foreign Supplier Maintenance - New/Existing

Organizations or individuals registered to sell goods or services to, or as a payee of, the State of Wisconsin that is located outside of the United States.


New Suppliers

Please fill out the following forms to create a new account within STAR

​Existing Suppliers

Please fill out the appropriate form for your information change

​IRS W8 Form for Individuals

​Supplier Address Change (DOA-6457)

​IRS W8 BEN-E For Corporations

Change Direct Deposit (DOA-6456)

New Supplier Information (DOA-6460)

​Supplier Tax Number Change (DOA-6459)

​Change of Supplier Name (DOA-6458)

Forms to add or modify a supplier are only available from agency staff through the STAR Supplier Support Dashboard. Please notify your agency contact if updates to your information are needed.

When you have completed the appropriate forms, you must save them as an unmodifiable document and submit to the agency that requested you fill out the forms. They will then submit them through the STAR Supplier Support page for processing.

All requests to add foreign suppliers to STAR are checked against the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Sanctions List prior to entry. Per federal law, we are not able to conduct business with any individual or corporation that is on the sanctions list

Submit Forms Here

In addition, if you elect to have payment sent via direct deposit (ACH), the receiving account must be located at a bank within the United States. The ACH system only operates within the U.S and cannot transfer funds to a bank in a foreign country. In 2009, the Federal government implemented new regulations regarding “International ACH Transaction - IAT”.  These are ACH payments made to a bank in the U.S. that eventually get transferred (in their entirety) to a bank in a foreign country via wire.  Information regarding IAT’s is provided here. Per these requirements, the State will not transfer funds subject to IAT regulations- a physical check must be mailed.