General Fund Annual Appropriations


​​General Fund Annual Appropriations Refunding Bonds of 2023, Series A (Taxable)

General Fund Annual Appropriations Fund Refunding Bonds of 2023, Series A (Taxable)
State of Wisconsin 

Negotiated Sale to Occur as Early as the week of January 24, 2023


The following are the syndicate members for the above-referenced bond issue.  Information on this issuance can be provided by any of the contacts provided or may be obtained by contacting the State of Wisconsin Capital Finance Office at (608) 267-1836 or via e-mail at

Book-Running Co-Senior Manager

Jefferies; Neil Flanagan –

Co-Senior Manager

Ramirez & Co., Inc..; Lorry Palacios –



Drexel Hamilton; Phil Culpepper –

Mesirow Financial, Inc.; Todd Waldrop –

Morgan Stanley; William Mack –

Below are links to the Authorizing Certification and Preliminary Official Statement:

The Final Official Statement includes by reference Parts I, II, and VII of the State of Wisconsin Continuing Disclosure Annual Report, dated Dec​ember 23, 2022.


State of Wisconsin Continuing Disclosure Annual Report 2022​​

*Preliminary; subject to change.