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July 17, 2017

Catalog-Electrical and Plumbing contract

We are in the process of enabling the vendors on contract #505ENT-M18-ELCPLSUPLS-00.  In the interim, please use traditional ordering methods for these items.  Keep checking WISBuy as we hope to have some suppliers back live soon.


June 29, 2017

New Feature. WISBuy is excited to announce a new way to shop the PCard Marketplace: the WISBuy mobile app! Ideal for WISBuy users who are routinely out in the field and aren’t often at a desk, the WISBuy mobile app allows users to search for products, place orders and view documentation on their handheld devices. If you’re interested in downloading the app, please follow the instructions in the Mobile App User Guide. For more information, please contact the WISBuy team at doawispro@wisconsin.gov.

New Enablements.

BSI Highway and Traffic and Interior signs now have a WISBuy catalog. Contract 505ENT-M06-SIGNAGECON-01, Signage, is a mandatory enterprise contract for state agencies; UW System and municipalities may use this contract. If there are additional standard, stocked signs you would like to see available through this catalog, please contact the WISBuy team at doawispro@wisconsin.gov. Contact Jeannie McCarville at (608) 264-9590 for questions regarding the contract or your agency-designated Business Unit Administrator for questions about WISBuy.


May 30, 2017

Catalogs-WI Computer and Universal sized cafeteria and washroom paper products are on WISBuy

We are pleased to announce many of the vendors on the Wisconsin computer contract have been enabled in WISBuy. Users may now place orders for computer equipment through a variety of vendors, including:

  • CDW-G (Dell)
  • Insight Public Sector, Inc. (Lenovo)
  • SHI International Corp. (Dell)
  • Vanguard Computers (HP)
  • Vanguard Storage and Recovery (Lenovo)
  • Paragon Development Systems, Inc. (HP) – catalog coming soon

Contract 505ENT-M17-WICOMPUTER-00, Computer Equipment and Related Services, is a mandatory enterprise contract for state agencies; UW System and municipalities may optionally use this contract. Please contact your agency-designated Business Unit Administrator with questions about WISBuy or to be granted IT purchasing privileges in the PCard Marketplace. Contact Brenda Derge at (608) 266-8613 with questions regarding the contract.

H. Derksen and Sons and Schilling have joined the lineup of vendors on WISBuy. This will give users who don't currently purchase through Badger State Logistics (BSL) the ability to purchase universal sized cafeteria and washroom paper products (mandatory enterprise contract 505ENT-M17-DSPSBLPPRP-00) from these newly enabled WISBuy catalogs. Volume discount pricing is still valid and the price lists can be viewed on the contract page in VendorNet. When orders reach the discount threshold, the supplier will contact the end user with the discounted amount. Questions should be directed to Brooke Gullick, Contract Manager, at (608) 266-0817, or to the appropriate Business Unit Administrator.


April 25, 2017

Catalogs-BSL and Greenco on WISBuy

Badger State Logistics (BSL) and Greenco Industries have joined the lineup of vendors on WISBuy. BSL’s contracts are primarily mandatory enterprise contracts and include several agency contracts as well. This enablement will allow users to purchase food service disposables; universal paper products; can liners; water softener salt; ice melter; copy paper; men’s oxford style shoes and work boots and gym shoes; and oil/grease. Contact your Business Unit Administrator or the applicable contract manager with any questions.

Greenco Industries is a mandatory state use contract for toothpaste. When placing orders from this catalog, new users can expect to be contacted by Greenco to verify billing information as the vendor is not set up to receive PCard information directly from WISBuy. Questions regarding this process should be directed to Nadine Malm, Contract Manager, at (608) 266-5462, or the appropriate Business Unit Administrator.


July 25, 2016

Ordering from the Medical Supplies Contract in WISBuy

The Medical Supplies Contract #505ENT-M12-MEDICALSUP-00 is now available in both WISBuy environments. In order to access these catalogs, a special role will be assigned by KIT Technical staff to a purchaser’s profile.

The above-referenced contract requires users to first obtain approval from MMCAP through an application process where a user or facility is provided an ID number.  Several state agencies and facilities have MMCAP IDs with approved users for each ID.

BU Administrator’s will need to request access for users by emailing doawispro@wi.gov.  The email will need to include the user name and MMCAP ID.  Once the MMCAP ID has been verified, users will be assigned the Medical role within WISBuy.  Users will not be granted access to medical catalogs without an MMCAP ID.

If you do not have an MMCAP ID, please follow the instructions below to obtain one:

In order to purchase from the MMCAP Medical Supplies Contract, you must fill out MMCAP's application and submit it to the contract manager (Mojgan Hall) as an email attachment to: Mojgan.Hall@wisconsin.gov. After your application is approved, MMCAP will assign your MMCAP ID number to you. If you already have an existing MMCAP number you do not need to fill out the application.

The most up-to-date MMCAP application is located at the following link: www.mmcap.org.

  1. Click on “What is MMCAP & Membership”
  2. Click on “New Member Info”
  3. Download the MMCAP application & agreement

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mojgan Hall at (608) 261-6359.


April 20, 2016



Work Centers

Medical Contract

New on 4/20/16


March 12, 2015

Punchout Site Important Updates

WISBuy would like to make a suggestion to help reduce certain navigation errors on punch-out sites. Upon being redirected to a punch-out site, some computer systems prompt an alert (below), which reminds users to fully setup their account and assign a Ship To address in their WISBuy Account before an order can be placed successfully. Once Your Account is Set-Up, What's Next? See pages 4-7.


July 11, 2014

Important Updates

WISBuy would like to notify all agencies that new “Ship To” addresses will be uploaded into the system every Monday. We have quite a few requests throughout the week period including revised numbers and addresses. By developing a set-time we hope to reduce any errors and save time on the back side for all parties.

WISBuy would also like to make a suggestion to help reduce certain navigation errors on punch-out sites. Upon being redirected to a punch-out site, some computer systems prompt a “Security Warning” alert (below), which requires users to respond with a “yes” or a “no” – WISBuy users are requested to click on “NO” for avoiding navigation errors.



In 2012, the State of Wisconsin initiated the STAR project to modernize the State's procurement system. For more information regarding this project please see http://starconnection.wi.gov/home. There was an additional need to develop an eProcurement system to make "shopping" on contracts easier. Through a detailed procurement process, including cross agency input, the Sciquest system was selected as the WISBuy platform.

The PCard Marketplace was the first system introduced to State agencies in 2014 and the eCatalog was the second system introduced in 2015. Both systems are visually the same, the differences in the two systems are how users access each system and the payment method. The PCard Marketplace is a secure website and the eCatalog can only be accessed through STAR. For more information regarding the eCatalog system and PCard Marketplace please click on the corresponding icon below.

The new website provides value with:

  • assuring buyers are receiving State of Wisconsin contract pricing;
  • access to complete order history, contract spend and detailed reporting;
  • adding more contracts and suppliers;
  • allowing two types of payment systems: eCatalog for using an ERP requisition and PCard Marketplace for PCards