Information on Procurement Contracts

State Procurement statewide contracts are written directives issued by the State Bureau of Procurement to authorize agency purchasing activities.  They are established as the result of a competitive process or an approved waiver of the bidding process.

Contracts contain complete operational instructions; such as, ordering instructions for specific commodities/services, source of supply, pricing structure, terms, and delivery information.  (Additional information is available in State Procurement Manual PRO-B-1, State Procurement Statewide Contracts.)

State Procurement contracts are for use by agencies across the state.  (A directory of these agencies is available in PRO-A-7, Directory of State Bureaus of Procurement/Transportation and State Agency Purchasing/Printing Offices.)

Contracts identified as mandatory must be used by a state agency when a need exists, regardless of dollar amount, for the commodities/services contained in the contract.  Optional contracts may be used at an agency's discretion.

Agencies also may establish contracts, and they post their contracts for on-going needs on VendorNet.  An agency may use a contract established by another agency by following the policies and procedures of PRO-D-29, Piggybacking.
Wisconsin Statutes s. 16.73 establishes authority to allow Wisconsin municipalities to purchase from state contracts.  Contracts will designate whether the contractor(s) has agreed to extend its terms and conditions to Wisconsin municipalities.  Additionally, municipalities may post their contracts on VendorNet.  An agency wishing to use a municipal contract must follow the policies and procedures of PRO-D-29, Piggybacking.