Purchasing Card Program

The State Bureau of Procurement conducts solicitations for this program.  The current contract is number 15-94635-401.  The current vendor is US Bank.  The State’s purchasing card program includes three (3) card products:

  • Purchasing Card
  • Travel Card (Corporate Card)
  • Fleet Fuel Card

Purchasing Card

The Purchasing Card (P-Card) is a tool for agency and campus employees to use to make low-dollar purchases, or purchases from existing state contracts, for official state/agency business needs only.  The card promotes efficiencies and cost savings through reduced administrative time and costs such as eliminating low-dollar purchase orders.

Travel Card

The Travel Card is intended for state authorized reimbursable travel expenses only and is not meant for personal expenses.  The card is issued under the employees name and the employee is liable for all charges.  Use of this card also reduces administrative costs.

Fleet Fuel Card

Fuel Cards are assigned to specific state owned vehicles or a specific program.  The cards allow agency fleet managers to track purchases, provide increased security, process federal excise taxes, and comprehensive reporting.  The program also provides access to exception reports spotlighting irregularities.


The State Bureau of Procurement is also responsible for auditing the use of the Purchasing Card Program to ensure that agencies and campuses are in compliance with established policies and procedures.

Purchasing Card Audit

The State Procurement Manual PRO-E-23 states that the purchasing card agency is responsible for establishing the proper controls, including developing internal policies and procedures within the state guidelines in the manual, State Accounting & P-Card Manual, and monitoring use of all cardholders to ensure all purchases comply with all requirements of state statute.

The agency is also to conduct random audits of P-Card use to ensure that the policies and procedures are being followed, purchase volume appears reasonable, transactions appropriate, documentation complete and proper internal controls exist.

SBOP and the State Controller’s Office conduct high-level audits and reviews of the purchasing card.  Reviews will occur on a rotating monthly and quarterly basis and follow-up audits may be conducted depending upon the findings and trends.