Cooperative Purchasing

Can municipalities use State contracts?
Wisconsin municipalities are able to buy goods and services at discounted prices under contracts already negotiated by the State of Wisconsin as long as the contracts allow for Cooperative Purchasing.

Who is eligible to use Cooperative Purchasing?
Any municipality as defined by Wisconsin Statute 16.70(8). This includes counties, cities, villages, towns, school boards, sewage, drainage, vocational, technical and adult education districts, and other bodies with the power to award public contracts.

What types of products are available?
Hundreds of products are available through the service at a discount. Available products include:

  • office supplies
  • janitorial supplies and equipment
  • personal computers and software
  • clothing and uniforms
  • paper products: facial tissue, napkins, toilet paper, envelopes and stationary
  • cars, tires and retreads
  • light bulbs and lamps
  • furniture and office equipment

What are the benefits of using Cooperative Purchasing?
Using existing State contracts can maximize a municipality's time and money by getting the highest value for the taxpayer's dollars. Cooperative Purchasing can help municipalities:

  • reduce time required to research specifications
  • minimize bidding
  • eliminate time required to identify new vendors
  • buy high quality and get low prices

How can I view Cooperative Contracts?
Online access to state contracts and other relevant state purchasing information is available to Wisconsin municipalities by viewing contracts available on VendorNet​.