September 18, 2019

Special Edition: Welcome to the New State Procurement Manual (Part 1 of 6)

On August 15, 2019, the State Bureau of Procurement published the new, revised State Procurement Manual! The new Manual features updated and recategorized policies, introduces new forms and tools, and is showcased on an updated website. While the new manual has fewer pages and sections than the old version, it retains the high standards of Wisconsin public procurement that promote competition, integrity, consistency and openness. The effective date of the new Manual is September 16, 2019. This special edition of the State Bureau of Procurement Newsletter offers highlights and need-to-know information about the change to the new Manual. This is the first of a series of special editions that will run over the next month.


Navigating the New Website

In addition to content changes, the Manual has a new online “home” with enhanced search features and resources. Here are the highlights:

  • The ‘Search Procurement Manual’ feature is prominent on the webpage. Use it to find content that is contained only within the Procurement Manual website, and not general Google results. Your search results can be filtered by type (e.g., webpage or PDF) and you can include an asterisk (*) in your search terms to expand your search to include results containing additional content. If you are looking for content from a legacy Manual policy, you can search by the old number as well.

  • Each major series of policies has its own tile, which will open a new tab on your internet browser, allowing you to peruse the new policies in each section simultaneously without having to go back to the home page each time.

  • Short-term or specialized policy bulletins (i.e., PIMs) have their own section on the new website. Many legacy PIMs have been retired and incorporated into permanent policy sections.

  • The accordion file for ‘Other Resources’ includes information from the legacy Manual about important Wisconsin procurement groups and a link to official forms.

  • The accordion file for ‘Revision History’ contains a link to the Excel master crosswalk of “old-to-new” policies and a link to a full PDF of the legacy Manual. This is where the Bureau will communicate information about important changes that are made to procurement policies in the future.


New Organization, Look & Feel

Due to the amount of consolidation we did with the new Manual and to make it easier to navigate, the policy numbers and prior organization has changed. Specifically, the legacy Manual was segmented into 10 sections which were organized by subject matter and were numbered using a “PRO-Alpha” scheme. The new Manual is reorganized based on when in a procurement process you may need to use a policy (i.e., lifecycle). There are now 6 series of content and the policies are renumbered using a “PRO-Number” scheme. More information about these changes can be found in the SPM Reform Summary, found on the ‘Other Resources’ accordion of the new SPM website.


New and Revised Forms

With the revision of the policy documents in the new Manual, many official forms needed to be revised or created in order to support procedural requirements. The most current versions of all official forms will remain on the VendorNet Forms tab. Here is a list of all new or revised forms posted as a result of the new Manual:

  • DOA-3044: Collective Purchasing

  • DOA-3720: Procurement Plan

  • DOA-3721: RFP Evaluation Checklist

  • DOA-3835: Evaluation Committee Report

  • DOA-3835I: Evaluation Committee Report (Instructions)

  • DOA-3840: Procurement Recordkeeping Checklist

There are also several new vehicle-related forms:

  • DOA-3850a Vehicle Lease Request

  • DOA-3850b Vehicle Lease Cost Analysis

  • DOA-3851a Vehicle Extended Rental Request

  • DOA-3851b Vehicle Extended Rental Cost Analysis

  • DOA-3852 Donated Vehicle Request

  • DOA-3853 Emergency Vehicle Replacement Request

Questions or feedback about forms changes can be sent to Terri Hagstrom or by phone at (608) 266-5669.


Coming Soon! SPM Special Edition Series, Part 2

The next SPM special edition of the newsletter will focus on the notable changes we made in the 100-Series (Introduction and Procurement Fundamentals) and the 200-Series (Planning & Procurement Strategy). The Bureau is also collecting written questions and will post answers in the form of a SPM Frequently Asked Questions document in the near future. As you review the new website and policies, please send any questions to