May 24, 2019

eSignature Available for Non-Procurement Groups

As a reminder, procurement and non-procurement groups across State agencies and University of Wisconsin campuses have access to Wisconsin’s electronic signature solution. Since the subscription costs of DocuSign have been covered until November 2019, this is a great opportunity to build automation into your processes without incurring additional charges. The eSignature tool has already been used by several agencies to decrease approval processing times and allow users to track the current status of any documents sent for signature.

If your agency or campus would like to discuss ways this tool can be used to improve your processes, contact Dan Kramarz at (608) 267-2715. To review the related policy, see PIM 19-002. Questions from municipalities or other groups interested in gaining access to the contract to purchase a subscription can be directed to Ceotrid Gilbert at (608) 267-4506.


Improvements to Justification of Need and Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) Forms

The State Bureau of Procurement has modified the forms used to complete a cost benefit analysis to reduce redundancy and enhance procurement recordkeeping practices for contractual services procurements.

The CBA Project Summary, DOA-3821a, now incorporates the requirement of a justification of need which must be completed for all contractual service procurements. The form has also been modified to add a section requiring agencies to identify when they have determined that a contractual service falls under an exemption.

The CBA Project Financials, DOA-3821b, has been modified to update general references and adds a new section specific to recurring contractor overhead expenses. The Instruction Guide for Financials (DOA-3821i) has been revised accordingly as well.

The current policy in the State Procurement Manual has not changed. See PIM 19-004, Completion of Cost Benefit Analyses and Justification of Need for Contractual Services for more information about these changes. The revised forms can be found on the VendorNet Forms tab. Please email with any questions.


Business Intelligence

The Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) tool gives agencies the ability to track on- and off-contract spend. Agencies have access to two special dashboards within BI to review and monitor Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Contractual Services (CS) baseline spend activity.

The Supplier Diversity dashboard allows agencies to track non-PCard spend with certified minority and disabled veteran-owned businesses. Since a supplier may be certified in more than one Supplier Diversity program, the amount of spend for disabled veteran-owned and minority-owned businesses is shown on separate lines to avoid double-counting activity.

Please remember that agencies are still required to report activity with any MBE, sub-contractor or prime supplier using the online form DOA-3005. In addition, SBOP will continue to distribute monthly reports to help agencies track PCard MBE activity.

The Draft MBE and CS Summary dashboard reports are continuously being reviewed to remove transactions for grants, government entities or other non-Chapter 16 transactions. As the fiscal year end approaches, please begin reviewing your agency’s spend to identify these types of transactions and notify us so we may remove them from the reports. If you have questions about these dashboards, please contact Zack Lehman at (608) 261-8552 or Terri Lenz at (608) 266-0167.


Training Opportunities

Strategic Sourcing Classes Offered in June. The next round of in-person Strategic Sourcing classes has been scheduled for Friday, June 28 at the Department of Administration building in downtown Madison.

Before being granted access to use the Strategic Sourcing module in PeopleSoft, users are required to complete three classes: one computer-based introductory course and two instructor-led classes. Interested students should sign up for all three classes by searching for “PRO308” in ELM. Because of the prerequisites, students should register for the classes in the following order:

  • PRO308: Introduction to Strategic Sourcing (eLearning)

  • PRO308: Strategic Sourcing – Creating an RFB and RFP (June 28, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.)

  • PRO308: Strategic Sourcing – Score and Award (June 28, 12:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.)

The instructor-led classes provide students with hands-on experience using the Strategic Sourcing module and are taught by SBOP staff who regularly use the system themselves. Space is extremely limited – sign up soon! If you have questions about the classes, please contact Jessica Vieira at (608) 266-5452.

Negotiations Training in July. There are still seats available for the Negotiating on Behalf of the State of Wisconsin training scheduled for July 10. Seats will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis, and priority will be given to State agency and university attendees. This one-day class provides a basic introduction to negotiations and includes interactive exercises. This course is intended for procurement professionals who will be involved in negotiations on behalf of their agency. Topics covered include planning, conducting and closing negotiations; team-building; bargaining styles; tactics, strategy and ethics; and unique considerations based on State of Wisconsin procurement rules. To sign up for the class, visit the SBOP Training page or contact Jessica Vieira at (608) 266-5452 with any questions.


Contract Spotlight

Broadband Internet Service Provider (ISP) Services. SBOP recently finalized a Request for Bid to award a contract for Broadband Internet Service Provider Services (505ENT-O19-BROADISP-00) to AT&T Corp., Hughes Network Systems, Airstream Communications and WiscNet. Contracts are still in the process of being finalized with two additional vendors. The initial term of the contract will run through March 31, 2022, with two yearly options to renew through March 31, 2024. This is an optional contract to provide State agencies, UW campuses and cooperative purchasing groups with access to broadband ISP services that do not connect to the State of Wisconsin BadgerNet Converged Network (BCN). For more information contact Susanne Matschull at (608) 266-9796.

Ground Maintenance Equipment. The State of Wisconsin has signed a participating addendum with CNH Industrial America, adding them to the list of vendors on the existing Ground Maintenance Equipment contract (505ENT-O14-GNDMNTCEQP-00), joining the other awarded vendors, Deere & Company and The Toro Company. Please refer to the contract page on VendorNet for pricing and vendor contact information. Contract questions can be addressed by Brooke Gullick at (608) 266-0817.

State Use Program Commodity Contracts. Fair market pricing calculations were completed for the State Use Program commodity contracts. Eight contracts were within fair market pricing (Mops, Brushes and Brooms, Alkaline Batteries, Non-Sterile Disposable Gloves, DOC Officer Uniforms, DOC Oxford Shoes, DOC Work boots and DOJ DNA Buccal Swab Kits). The following four contracts had at least one item outside fair market:

  • Floor Pads: 5 of 10 items outside fair market; agreed to meet fair market pricing; effective 5/6/19.

  • Admission Kits: 1 of 6 items outside fair market; agreed to meet fair market pricing; effective 5/6/19.

  • Socks: 2 of 6 items outside fair market; agreed to meet fair market pricing; effective 5/6/19.

  • Writing Instruments: 2 of 10 items outside fair market; did not agree to meet fair market; items P-0315 and P-0327 have been removed from contract.

In addition, a price increase request for the Mops contract (505ENT-U93-DSTWETMOPS-01) was approved at the State Use Board meeting and went into effect 5/6/19. Please contact Nadine Malm at (608) 266-5462.


eSupplier for Bidder Registration

Anyone interested in doing business with the State of Wisconsin should register as a bidder on eSupplier ( To make the eSupplier registration process as simple as possible, we recommend sharing the following detailed instructions with potential bidders (see below). In addition, bidders also have access to the eSupplier Bidder FAQ Guide which answers many frequently asked questions on a variety of topics, including issues commonly experienced when trying to register, tips for selecting and entering NIGP codes and submitting a response to a solicitation, as well as information about who to contact for additional eSupplier support. For questions about the eSupplier Bidder FAQ Guide, contact

eSupplier Registration Instructions

To register for free on eSupplier, companies should go to

  1. Register for a WAMS username and password. You can find a link to “Create your WAMS ID” below the sign-in button on eSupplier. Once you have completed the WAMS registration form, you will receive an email with a verification link. Click the link and enter the required information.

  2. Login to the eSupplier Portal for Bidders. Return to and click the big, blue “Enter Bidder Site” button on the right. Enter your WAMS username and password and sign in.

  3. Register in eSupplier. Click the “Register” button once you’ve logged into eSupplier. You will be asked to enter an email address. If your VendorNet account was active at the time of the transition to eSupplier, entering the same email address you used in VendorNet will bring over any NIGP codes you had in VendorNet to your new eSupplier profile. Fill out your company information in the eSupplier Registration Form. We recommend not using any autofill functions when completing this form, especially if using Chrome. Click “Save” before returning to the Bidder Homepage.

  4. Add NIGP Codes to your account to receive automatic notifications of solicitations. Once you’ve successfully completed your eSupplier registration, you will see your company information and Bidder ID number displayed on the Bidder Homepage. To the left of this information will be a link for “My NIGP Codes”. Click this to add or edit the NIGP codes associated with your profile. These codes represent the services and commodity areas your company is interested in providing. You may add as many codes as is appropriate for your business. Once they’ve been saved, you will begin receiving automatic notifications by email for any solicitations issued by State agencies and University of Wisconsin System campuses that match the codes saved to your profile.


Strategic Sourcing: Tips and Tricks

Navigating in Fluid: After logging in to STAR Finance, you can change the set of tiles you see by selecting a different option from the dropdown menu at the top of your page. To access the page with the Strategic Sourcing tile, choose “Finance & Procurement Ops.” In addition, you may make this your homepage by clicking the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner of your screen and selecting "Personalize Homepage" from the dropdown list. Drag "Finance & Procurement Ops" to the top of the list (above FSCM Employee Self-Service, which is the default homepage) and click "Save."

Navigation for Internal Evaluators: To score a solicitation, an internal evaluator logs in to STAR Finance and selects the Strategic Sourcing tile from the Finance & Procurement Ops page. However, depending on their assigned roles, this tile may not appear for all evaluators (STAR is working on a solution for this). An alternative way to access the tile is to click the Compass Icon in the upper right corner of the page and use the following navigation: State of Wisconsin (STAR) > Strategic Sourcing > Scoring and Awarding > Score Event.

Looking for additional resources for Strategic Sourcing? STAR agencies can access a variety of job aids, tools and resources on STARConnection (STAR Connection > Resources > Finance and Procurement > Job Aids > Search for “Strategic Sourcing”). If you would like to share a Strategic Sourcing tip or trick you’ve learned, please email your ideas to Jessica Vieira.


Staffing Updates

Andrew Shuck joined the State Bureau of Procurement as the new Enterprise Sourcing Section Chief on May 13. Andrew brings with him a wealth of procurement and management experience in both the public and private sectors. In his four years with the US Army, Andrew managed supply chain efficiencies, served as the primary procurement agent, and conducted audits of purchasing activity. In his most recent position as the Operations Manager for Pure Sweet Honey, Andrew managed sales, purchasing, human resources and general operations. Additionally, he developed policies, fostered relationships with end users and vendors, created and negotiated contracts, conducted market analysis and developed procurement strategy. Andrew’s skills and experience will assist the Bureau in meeting its strategic goals and we are thrilled to have him join our team.

Chris Tucker joined SBOP as a Procurement Specialist in CAPS. Chris comes to DOA after 21 years at Kelty-Best Inc. where he most recently served as a Senior Manager (Vice President). His primary focus was working collaboratively with manufacturers to develop packaging, price points and marketing strategies to highlight products. Additionally, Chris brings private sector experience in the procurement of printing and promotional commodities, expertise in vendor negotiations and personalized customer management. We are excited to have Chris join the CAPS team and believe he will be a strong team player in the Bureau and an asset to all agencies supported by CAPS.

Steve Slawny, CAPS Section Chief, is leaving the Bureau effective May 26 for an opportunity with the DOA Division of Enterprise Technology. Steve has been with SBOP since May 2008 except for a brief leadership role with the STAR ERP project. Steve has assisted in every major SBOP system implementation including the roll out of STAR Strategic Sourcing. We congratulate Steve and wish him well in his new role. In Steve's absence, CAPS agencies may contact Cheryl Edgington or Sara Redford with policy or management inquiries. We will work together to support the amazing CAPS team in their service to CAPS agencies during this busy time of year. A job announcement for the next CAPS Section Chief closes May 28. Like Steve, we are looking for an energetic problem solver with leadership skills and a procurement background to join the SBOP management team.

SBOP has an opening in the Enterprise IT Sourcing section for a Procurement Specialist-Objective or Senior, also closing on May 28. This position manages statewide bidding and contracts for IT and telecom categories and is responsible for highly technical procurements for our partner, the Division of Enterprise Technology. If you, or someone you know, may have an interest please see the job announcement here.

SBOP has an additional opening in the Knowledge Management, Improvement and Training (KIT) Section for a Knowledge Management Specialist, closing on June 4. This position would be responsible for documenting and improving procurement processes by applying a knowledge management framework and developing eLearning content for our statewide procurement training program. Anyone interested in the position is encouraged to view the full job announcement here.

Andrea Welch of SBOP has worked closely with the Department of Military Affairs to manage several large procurements related to public safety. The most consequential project is the RFP to replace the statewide public safety interoperable communications system. In her work with DMA, they have regularly expressed gratitude for her dedication to the projects and the value she brings. However, those sentiments were expressed in an extraordinary way during a meeting on April 3 when Wisconsin Adjutant General Donald Dunbar awarded Andrea with a meritorious service medal and award for her great work. We are incredibly proud and grateful to Andrea for the dedication she shows to the agencies and congratulate her on this once in a lifetime honor!