May 30, 2017

Get to Know SBOP: Enterprise Sourcing Section

The following is the first in a series of articles highlighting the four sections of the State Bureau of Procurement.

The Enterprise Sourcing Section focuses on enterprise-wide procurements, contract development and contract administration for a range of goods and services used by most agencies, campuses and municipalities. The Section's most widely used contracts include office supplies, furniture and flooring, MRO supplies, elevator maintenance, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and fuel. The Section also oversees annual case letters and procurements for replacement and new state vehicles.

The Section also administers the State Use, Contract Compliance and Federal/State Surplus Property. These programs provide additional value to the procurement process by ensuring that public policy objectives set by the Legislature are observed in agency purchasing activities. For instance, agencies in FY16 purchased more than $14.8 million of goods and services provided by sheltered workshops employing severely disabled citizens in communities throughout Wisconsin.

Enterprise Sourcing oversees complex financial contracts for the state such as banking, debt collection and the purchasing/travel/fuel card programs. These contracts are used across the enterprise to provide for the secure and orderly processing of financial transactions; these contracts contribute to the high level of accountability taxpayers demand of state agency operations.

The Section reviews and approves agency and campus delegation requests and procurement plans. It is responsible for analyzing agency and campus requests for waivers of the bidding process and preparing case letters for the Governor’s signature. Additionally, it provides consultation to state agencies, campuses and municipalities on use of Enterprise Sourcing contracts and programs.

Looking ahead, Enterprise Sourcing will take on new contracting opportunities to serve agencies and campuses across the state. Upcoming contracts will include moving and storage services and translation/interpretation services.

If you have an interest in these new contracts, ideas for other enterprise contracts or questions regarding current Enterprise Sourcing contracts or programs, please contact Cheryl Edgington, Enterprise Sourcing Section Chief, at (608) 266-1060.

Business Intelligence: Contract Spend & Processing Time

Business Intelligence was launched last year to track agency contract spend. When comparing data from the first and third quarters of FY17, we see positive trends with the Operational Scorecards for on-contract spend (Metric 1B) and processing time for purchase orders (Metric 1C). The percentage of on-contract spend during the third quarter was 6.8% higher than in Q1 (89.2% compared to 82.4%). Additionally, the amount of time taken to process purchase orders decreased by 1.7 days between first and third quarters (from 10.2 days to 8.5 days). Thank you to everyone for your part in achieving these significant improvements! For more information regarding BI reporting, contact Zack Lehman at (608) 261-8552 or Terri Lenz at (608) 266-0617.

Training Opportunities

Did you know SBOP provides free training to procurement professionals throughout the year? Over the next few months, we will offer each of our classes, including:

  • Introduction to the Wisconsin Purchasing Process

  • Writing and Conducting Request for Bids (RFB)

  • Writing and Conducting Request for Proposals (RFP)

  • Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Purchasing Print for the State of Wisconsin

  • Negotiating on Behalf of the State of Wisconsin

  • Contract Administration

  • Software Licensing 101

  • WISBuy End User/Purchaser Training

Our courses are taught by knowledgeable procurement professionals and offered multiple times a year. Whether you’re new to the purchasing profession or looking to brush up on your procurement skills, these classes can benefit you. Find out more information and register for these classes online at the SBOP Training page. Classes fill up quickly, so reserve your spot today! Contact Jessica Vieira, Training Officer, at (608) 266-5452 with any questions.

Contract Spotlight: Enterprise Contract Renewals, Replacements & Extensions

It is that time of year when many enterprise contracts are renewed, replaced or extended. The following list of enterprise contracts is provided to assist agencies with FY18 planning. This list is not all-inclusive; individuals are advised to check VendorNet or with the appropriate DOA Contract Manager for contracts that are not listed here.

Contracts in the renewal process include:

Expired contracts which will be replaced by new contracts include the following (listed by the current contract number; check VendorNet for new number):

Contracts that have been extended include (see VendorNet for status updates):


Enablements. We are pleased to announce many of the vendors on the Wisconsin computer contract have been enabled in WISBuy. Users may now place orders for computer equipment through a variety of vendors, including:

  • CDW-G (Dell)

  • Insight Public Sector, Inc. (Lenovo)

  • SHI International Corp. (Dell)

  • Vanguard Computers (HP)

  • Vanguard Storage and Recovery (Lenovo)

  • Paragon Development Systems, Inc. (HP) – catalog coming soon

Contract 505ENT-M17-WICOMPUTER-00, Computer Equipment and Related Services, is a mandatory enterprise contract for state agencies; UW System and municipalities may optionally use this contract. Please contact your agency-designated Business Unit Administrator with questions about WISBuy or to be granted IT purchasing privileges in the PCard Marketplace. Contact Brenda Derge at (608) 266-8613 with questions regarding the contract.

H. Derksen and Sons and Schilling have joined the lineup of vendors on WISBuy. This will give users who don't currently purchase through Badger State Logistics (BSL) the ability to purchase universal sized cafeteria and washroom paper products (mandatory enterprise contract 505ENT-M17-DSPSBLPPRP-00) from these newly enabled WISBuy catalogs. Volume discount pricing is still valid and the price lists can be viewed on the contract page in VendorNet. When orders reach the discount threshold, the supplier will contact the end user with the discounted amount. Questions should be directed to Brooke Gullick, Contract Manager, at (608) 266-0817, or to the appropriate Business Unit Administrator.

Metrics. WISBuy has seen dramatic growth the past few months, not only in the number of enabled catalogs available but also the number of transactions and amount of spend flowing through WISBuy. When comparing the first quarter of CY17 to the same period of CY16, we see an increase of 39.3% in the total number of transactions and an increase of 41.5% in the total spend in WISBuy.