April 25, 2017

Agency Reports in Oracle Business Intelligence

The Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) tool gives agencies the ability to track both on- and off-contract spend. Please note that agencies can also use two special dashboards within BI to review and monitor Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Contractual Services (CS) activity.

The Supplier Diversity dashboard allows agencies to track non-PCard spend with certified minority and disabled veteran-owned businesses. Since a supplier may be certified in more than one Supplier Diversity program, the amount of spend for disabled veteran-owned and minority-owned businesses is shown on separate lines to avoid double-counting spend activity for these suppliers.

Please remember that agencies are still required to report activity with any MBE that is a sub-contractor to a prime supplier. Also, the State Bureau of Procurement will continue to send out monthly reports to help agencies track PCard MBE activity.

The Draft MBE and CS Summary dashboard provides the baseline spend for the MBE report and reportable spend for the CS report. We are still reviewing these reports to remove transactions for grants, government entities or other non-Chapter 16 transactions. As the fiscal year end approaches, please begin reviewing your agency’s spend so you can identify these types of transactions and notify us so we may remove them from the reports. If you have questions about these dashboards, please contact Zack Lehman at (608) 261-8552 or Terri Lenz at (608) 266-0167.

Updated Forms

Form DOA-3584, Purchasing Card Application and Use Agreement, has been updated to include a field for the cardholder’s work email address. The updated form is available on VendorNet.

Standardized forms were created to promote consistency across the enterprise, and for this reason some fields are locked and uneditable. To insert the locked forms into a Word document, follow these steps:

  1. Download and save the desired form to your desktop.

  2. Click the “Insert” tab in your Word document.

  3. Click on “Object” (located on the far right side of the “Insert” tab).

  4. Using the dropdown menu, select “Text from File.”

  5. Locate and select the file you saved to insert it into your document.

Please note that you may need to change the margins or adjust the placement of the text boxes to fit the form into your document. Feedback regarding this and any other form is always welcome. You may direct all inquiries and comments to Terri Hagstrom, Enterprise Sourcing Purchasing Associate, at (608) 266-5669.

Contract Spotlight for April

Statewide General Office Supplies and New Toner. Contract 505ENT-M14-OFFSUPPLY-01 has been renewed and will run through March 31, 2018. The core list of items has been expanded and may be viewed on VendorNet. These items continue to be the best value for the State and users are encouraged to order items from this core list whenever possible; however, please note that Staples may occasionally offer a lower price on a similar item. When this happens, users are encouraged find the best overall value on the products being offered.

SBOP has also unblocked a number of items on this contract. Users may now purchase basic first aid products (e.g., band-aids, pain relievers, first aid kits, and refills for first aid kits) along with their office supply order. In addition, a selection of food service disposable items are now available on the office supplies contract to allow agencies to purchase smaller quantities than would normally be available from Badger State Logistics (BSL). Please note that while this provides the flexibility of not having to order and store full cases of products, the price per individual unit may be higher than the individual unit price from BSL.

If you would like to request that an item be unblocked, please continue to follow your current process. Contact Cathy Neidner, Procurement Specialist-Senior, at (608) 266-3620 if you have any questions.

Warranty Information – Office Furniture Contracts. Any products purchased off Contract 505ENT-M15-OFFURNITUR-00, Statewide Office Furniture, or Contract 505ENT-M15-BSIOFFURN-01, Mandatory Statewide Office Furniture Contract – Badger State Industries, are covered under a ten-year (minimum) warranty from the date of installation. Products or parts, excluding fabrics, which are proved to be defective or fail within the warranty period will be repaired or replaced at no charge (including freight both ways). Further, any products, including parts and components, that fail under normal use as a result of defect in design, materials, workmanship or installation will be repaired or replaced free of charge (including labor, delivery and installation). Agencies are reminded to utilize the furniture warranties whenever possible. Questions regarding furniture warranties should be directed to Cathy Neidner, Procurement Specialist-Senior, at (608) 266-3620.


New Enablements. Badger State Logistics (BSL) and Greenco Industries have joined the lineup of vendors on WISBuy. BSL’s contracts are primarily mandatory enterprise contracts and include several agency contracts as well. This enablement will allow users to purchase food service disposables, universal paper products, can liners, water softener salt, ice melter, copy paper, men’s oxford style shoes and work boots and gym shoes, and oil/grease. Contact your Business Unit Administrator or the applicable contract manager with any questions.

Greenco Industries is a mandatory state use contract for toothpaste. When placing orders from this catalog, new users can expect to be contacted by Greenco to verify billing information as the vendor is not set up to receive PCard information directly from WISBuy. Questions regarding this process should be directed to Nadine Malm, Contract Manager, at (608) 266-5462, or the appropriate Business Unit Administrator.

Hall to Serve on MMCAP Advisory Board

Mojgan Hall of the State Bureau of Procurement has been elected to serve on the Advisory Board of the Minnesota Multistate Contracting Alliance for Pharmacy (MMCAP). The organization provides healthcare-related contracting to state and local member facilities. The election took place during MMCAP’s annual conference held in St. Paul, MN last week.

MMCAP was formed in 1989 as a cooperative purchasing organization to enable participating states to purchase pharmaceutical and medical products at the best possible prices. Wisconsin has been a member since 2001. The Advisory Board provides assistance and recommendations to the MMCAP Managing Director regarding the strategic direction of the MMCAP program.

The conference attracted attendees from around the country and included presentations, breakout sessions concerning health-care related topics, continuing education for Pharmacist, and awarding of pharmaceutical contracts.

Mojgan facilitated two breakout sessions concerning healthcare related products and services. Questions regarding MMCAP should be directed to Mojgan Hall, Procurement Specialist-Objective, at (608) 261-6359.

Staffing News

Godwin Amegashie has retired after eighteen years of State service. Godwin served as the Director of Supplier Diversity Program since 2012. Prior to this, he was the Policy Advisor for the State Building Program (2006-2012) and the Director of the State’s Minority Program (1999-2006). Godwin’s achievements in the Supplier Diversity Program include adopting the web-based certification program, extending the length of MBE certifications from one to three years and earning both the BOGS and the Accolade awards. Until the position is filled, questions regarding the day-to-day operation of the Supplier Diversity Program should be directed to Tru Mwololo, Equal Opportunity Specialist, at (608) 261-2510.