March 22, 2017

Reminder: Procurement Planning for End of Fiscal Year 2017

With the end of the fiscal year quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning for upcoming deadlines. Here are a few to consider:

Requests for Purchasing Approval/Authority (RPAs) for Governor’s Approval: Delegated agency RPA packets, complete with all required information, should be submitted to SBOP in person or through interdepartmental mail no later than Monday, April 10, 2017 in order to ensure approval before June 30, 2017. CAPS agencies should have their completed RPAs submitted to their respective procurement specialist no later than Friday, March 24, 2017. For more information, please reference PRO-C-2 of the State Procurement Manual.

STAR Requisitions and Purchase Orders: May 31 is the final day to encumber FY17 funds. Therefore, requisitions/PO change orders must be entered and approved in STAR before end of business that day. For more information, please contact JoDee Johnson at (608) 266-0312.

March is Public Procurement Month

It is fitting that public procurement is recognized during March. As we celebrate the competitive nature of our work, we are surrounded by competition during basketball's March Madness and baseball’s spring training. Competition is in the March air!

It has been estimated that government procurement comprises approximately 30% of our GDP. Think about it – government procurement is at the base of our infrastructure in our roadways, schools, data networks, buildings and all of the related supplies and services that support the people serving the public for the common good.

Taxpayers want procurement processes to be performed so that limited dollars are used optimally. Professionally executed procurements call for integrity, transparency and accountability, for both government and its contractors. When procurements are done well, the public is more confident in its government and the services being provided.

May we all continue to learn, grow and earn our taxpayers' and agencies' appreciation. During this month, let us show how valuable we are by performing our best and earning this well-deserved respect. Celebrate March and all year with excellent procurement work and the recognition will follow.

Rick Hughes, Director, State Bureau of Procurement, (608) 266-1558.

Training Opportunities

Please join us for our new teleconference training series on the Salesforce Implementation Services contract (#505ENT-O17-SALESFORCE-00). The training will introduce participants to this contract and allow a forum for discussion. This contract offers a wide variety of implementation services using the Salesforce platform on small and large-scale projects including creating forms, reports, workflows, approval processes, case management processes, data access via mobile and general ways to modernize the technology being used today. The software may be purchased using the Value Added Reseller (VAR) Software, Support and Maintenance contract (505ENT-M16-VARSOFTWARE-00).

We are currently offering two sessions of this tele-training, but may add more based on need. Please register for the March 28 or April 5 sessions on the SBOP Training Registration page. This opportunity is available to authorized users of the contract (including State agencies, tribes and municipalities) and may be of interest to IT personnel. The Bureau will roll out additional tele-trainings for new contracts in the upcoming months. Please make any suggestions for additional tele-trainings to Sara Redford, Enterprise IT Sourcing Section Chief, at (608) 267-2706.

Strategic Sourcing Module Update

On March 2, SBOP hosted a walkthrough of the Strategic Sourcing module in PeopleSoft for the Procurement Advisory Council including representatives from the major delegated agencies. The Strategic Sourcing module will provide state agencies with a tool for creating, issuing, receiving, analyzing and awarding solicitations (sourcing events) in STAR. During the walkthrough, STAR developers demonstrated the pages for creating an event, establishing bid factors and templates, collaborating on events and the workflow/approval process.

STAR continues to work closely with SBOP on Strategic Sourcing development efforts and future walkthroughs will be offered as new functionality is developed.

Please contact Sara Redford, IT Sourcing Section Chief, at (608) 267-2706 for additional information on this project, including timeline and goals.

Contract Spotlight for March

MRO Electrical and Plumbing Supplies (including Lamps and Ballasts). This contract (505ENT-M13-ELCPLSUPLS-00) has been extended through June 30, 2017. All seven suppliers on the contract will remain without any change to the current terms and conditions or pricing. The extension will allow the SBOP time to complete RFB# 28242-BLG, Electrical and Plumbing Maintenance, Repair and Operating (MRO) Supplies. If you have questions, please contact Brooke Gullick at (608) 266-0817.

Updated Forms

Form DOA-3049, Contract, has been updated and is available on VendorNet. The updated form features the following changes:

  • Letterhead address removed

  • Positioning of contract identifying information at the top of the page

  • Language change to include proposal (e.g., bid/proposal)

  • Language change to include attachments and amendments

  • Removal of empty lines at bottom of form

Feedback regarding any form is welcome. Please direct all inquiries and comments to Terri Hagstrom, Enterprise Sourcing Purchasing Associate, at (608) 266-5669.

VendorNet 2.0

Helpful Hints. Thanks to our many vigilant users, we have recently identified an issue with the supplier contract search feature in VendorNet 2.0. It will take time for this search to become more reliable as contract managers enter additional supplier names when updating an existing or entering a new contract. In the meantime, we suggest using the keyword or number field first when conducting a supplier contract search. Please contact Zack Lehman at (608) 261-8552 for questions regarding VendorNet.


Did you know? One of the most common issues that prevent WISBuy users from successfully placing an order is caused by users changing the Nickname field in the individual's Default Addresses. It is vital that the Nickname field never be altered because WISBuy suppliers and vendors use this field in their systems as an account identifier. Any changes to the field may result in shipping errors. For questions about WISBuy, please contact Ann Hommer at (608) 261-7014.