Monona Terrace Parking Ramp

​​An aerial shot of a long walkway leading to a cement building. A lake sits on it's eastern side.1 John Nolan Drive
Madison, Wisconsin 53703

Facilities Management Group 1

The Monona Terrace Parking Ramp is owned and operated by the Department of Administration.  The parking ramp is utilized primarily for events at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center, but does have available public parking.  The automated parking structure is available 24/7 and is accessible via West Wilson Street and the eastbound lanes of John Nolen Drive. Acceptable forms of payment for the automated ramp include Master Card, Visa or cash (no coins). Parking meters are available and can be accessed at the Wilson Street entrance by staying to the right as you enter to get to the top level where the meters are located. Parking meters do accept coins including quarters, dimes, and nickels.​
A list of the parking rates at Monona Terrace

Available Transportation/Parking

  • Parking: 600 Parking stalls

  • Bus: Madison Metro Transit

Parking Entrances

  • West Parking Ramp, John Nolan Drive

  • West Parking Ramp, Carrol​l Street

Parking Exits

  • East Parking Ramp, John Nolan Drive

  • East Parking Ramp, Pinckney Street

a map depicting the entrances to the monona terrace parking ramp


  • Disabled parking stalls are available at no cost for Monona Terrace event parking on the upper drive-through/drop-off level near the parking meter areas on both sides of Monona Terrace. Disabled parking stalls are available for a charge on the lower parking level in front of the Level Three entrance.

Bicycle Parking

  • There are 9 bicycle racks located throughout the parking ramp:

                   2 on the Olin Terrace Level
                   3 on the Top Deck of the Parking Ramp
                   1 on the Lower Deck of the Parking Ramp
                   2 on the Lake Monona Level
                   1 in the Loading Dock

  • The bicycle/pedestrian elevator is located at the East end of the Parking Ramp next to the stair tower and is accessible from all levels between Wilson Street/Olin Terrace and the bicycle/pedestrian path at Lake Monona level.​