Wisconsin Partnership

​Serving Wisconsin's 5.5 million citizens with efficient, high-quality public services is a responsibility shared by State, Local (County, Municipal and School District) and Tribal governments. Because of its large scale, State Government can offer its public sector partners access to procurement contracts, technologies, grants and other resources that can either reduce costs or expand the range of available options. This website is designed to promote this Wisconsin partnership by offering concise information about State programs and how to access them.

For more information, contact Dawn Vick in the Department of Administration (DOA) Division of Intergovernmental Relations, at (608) 266-7043, or via email at dawn.vick@wisconsin.gov.


State, Local and Tribal governments can all benefit from competitively-priced products and services available through state contracts. Use the following links to explore ways your government can serve your constituents at lower costs. For more information about State contracts and procurement procedures, please contact DOA's Division of Enterprise Operations at (608) 267-2715.


Information Technology Services

DOA's Division of Enterprise Technology (DET) is committed to providing first-rate information technology services to Wisconsin's 72 counties, nearly 2,000 municipalities, over 400 school districts and 11 Tribal governments. It provides economical, efficient and high quality technology services that enable these governments to effectively support their business needs and better serve their citizens.

The division's high quality services include Web page design and hosting, mainframe processing, email services, print-to-mail services, on-line training, local and long distance phone services, and many more. In addition, local governments can purchase services off state contracts for credit card processing services, cellular phone services and voice mail services. For more information on information technology services provided by DET to these governments, please visit Division of Enterprise Technology website.

BadgerNet Converged Network

DET has also procured the services of the Wisconsin BadgerNet Access Alliance (WBAA) with SBC as the prime contractor, to provide services for an enterprise network that converge data and video. The objective is to provide dynamic, scalable bandwidth on a vendor-managed network to State agencies and other users (including Local governments) with the option for customers to request an increase in bandwidth at a later date, if needed. For more information, go to the BadgerNet home page at det.wi.gov/Pages/BadgerNet.aspx.


Technology for Educational Achievement (TEACH) Wisconsin provides support for investments in educational technology and telecommunications. Wisconsin's schools, libraries, cooperative educational service agencies (CESAs), charter schools, secured juvenile correctional facilities, private colleges, Tribal colleges, and technical colleges are all served by TEACH. For more information, go to the TEACH home page at www.teachwi.state.wi.us.

Local Services

DET offers many services for Local and Tribal governments. These services include such things as local and cell phone service. Information about these services can be found at the Division of Enterprise Technology website.



As a leader in your county, city, village, town or Tribal government, you are always seeking ways to reduce expenses. Energy efficiency offers a great opportunity to save money without any loss of comfort or productivity. You may already be aware of the benefits of energy efficiency but not have the resources to identify the technologies or techniques that might apply to your government facilities. The Focus on Energy Local Government program will provide you with the information, training, and resources you need to make informed decisions about energy use and management options to decrease your energy costs.

Focus on Energy can assist with existing facilities, as well as new projects, expansions or renovations. Our services for local governments include:

  • Conducting energy surveys to identify and evaluate energy-saving opportunities for your building envelope, office equipment, lighting, electronics as well as traffic signals
  • Conducting energy surveys of your water and wastewater treatment facilities to identify and evaluate energy saving opportunities that could include pumps, blowers, diffusers, lighting and biogas systems
  • Developing an energy management plan for your facility
  • Recommend energy-saving equipment options
  • Introducing you to new technologies
  • Provide financial incentives
  • Assisting you in locating contractors and evaluating their proposals
  • Providing information, education, and training resources
To take advantage of this unique opportunity to improve your energy efficiency, call 1-800-762-7077 or visit us on the web at www.focusonenergy.com.


Two State agencies offer personnel-related services of value to Local, County, Tribal and School District governments: the Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF), which administers employee benefit and retirement programs, and the Division of Personnel Management, which offers employee recruitment, training and other human-resource services.

For more information about ETF and its programs, please contact the Employer Communication Center at (608)264-7900 or visit their website at etf.wi.gov.

The Division of Personnel Management has created "Wisconsin Personnel Partners" to centralize services available to Local, County, Tribal and School District governments. For more information about these services, please contact Jennifer Gebert at (608)266-2155 or via email at wpp@wisconsin.gov. You can also link directly to the WPP website at wpp.wi.gov.

Listed below are links to other state agencies. Each state agency has programs and assistance for Local and Tribal Governments. The links provided will take you to their web page with information that Local and Tribal Governments will find useful.