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Wisconsin Administrative Code
PDF HTMLWI Admin. Code. Adm 49 Plat Review Fees
PDF HTMLWI Admin. Code. A-E Architects, Landscape Architects, Engineers, Designers & Land Surveyors
PDF HTMLWI Admin. Code. SPS 385 Soil and site evaluations
PDF HTMLWI Admin. Code. NR 115 Wisconsin's Shoreland Management Program
PDF HTMLWI Admin. Code. Trans 233 Land subdivision plats abutting state trunk highways and connecting streets
Wisconsin Statutes
PDF HTMLWI Stats. ch. 236 Platting lands & recording & vacating plats  (Changes: 2009 & 2014)
PDF HTMLWI Stats. ch. 70 General property taxes
HTMLWI Stats. s. 70.27 Assessor's Plat
PDF HTMLWI Stats. ch. 30 Navigable waters, harbors and navigation
HTMLWI Stats. s. 30.10 Declarations of navigability
HTMLWI Stats. s. 30.105 Determining footage of shoreline
PDF HTMLWI Stats. ch. 59 Counties
HTMLWI Stats. s. 59.45 County surveyor; duties, deputies, fees
HTMLWI Stats. s. 59.46 Penalty for nonfeasance
HTMLWI Stats. s. 59.72 Land information
HTMLWI Stats. s. 59.73 Surveys; expressing bearings, subdividing sections
HTMLWI Stats. s. 59.74 Perpetuation of section corners, landmarks
PDF HTMLWI Stats. ch. 60 Towns
HTMLWI Stats. s. 60.84 Monuments
PDF HTMLWI Stats. ch. 66 General municipality law
PDF HTMLWI Stats. ch. 82 Town Highways
HTMLWI Stats. s. 82.10 Town highways; Initiation of procedures.
HTMLWI Stats. s. 82.29 Highways abutted by state park lands; discontinuance or relocation
HTMLWI Stats. s. 82.18 Width of highways
PDF HTMLWI Stats. ch. 83 County highways
PDF HTMLWI Stats. ch. 86 Miscellaneous highway provisions
PDF HTMLWI Stats. ch. 134 Miscellaneous trade regulations
PDF HTMLWI Stats. ch. 157 Disposition of human remains (cemeteries)
HTMLWI Stats. s. 157.07 Platting
HTMLWI Stats. s. 157.08 Conveyances
PDF HTMLWI Stats. ch. 443 Examining board of architects, landscape architects, professional engineers, designers and land surveyors
HTMLWI Stats. s. 443.01 Definitions
HTMLWI Stats. s. 443.02 Practice requirements and registration: general provisions
HTMLWI Stats. s. 443.06 Registration requirements for land surveyors
HTMLWI Stats. s. 443.12 Disciplinary proceedings against land surveyors
HTMLWI Stats. s. 443.14 Exempt persons
PDF HTMLWI Stats. ch. 703 Condominiums
HTMLWI Stats. s. 703.11 Condominium plat
HTMLWI Stats. s. 703.12 Description of units
PDF HTMLWI Stats. ch. 706 Conveyances of real property; recording; titles
PDF HTMLWI Stats. ch. 840 Real property actions; general provisions
PDF HTMLWI Stats. ch. 841 Declaration of interest in real property
PDF HTMLWI Stats. ch. 847 Miscellaneous real estate actions
PDF HTMLWI Stats. ch. 893 Limitations of commencement of actions and proceedings and procedure for claims against governmental units
HTMLWI Stats. s. 893.37 Survey
HTMLWI Stats. s. 893.89 Action for injury resulting from improvements to real property
  HTMLWI Stats. s. 941.40 Injury to wires by removal of building, etc.; tampering with telecommunication or electric wires.
PDF HTMLWI Stats. ch. 985 Publication of Legal Notices; Public Newspapers; Fees