Renew an existing raffle license

​We encourage you to visit our online portal to renew your raffle license electronically. This is the fastest way to renew your license and allows you to renew multiple licenses with one payment and print or download your license anytime. 

Most raffle licenses can be renewed online. In order to use the system, you will need to create an account. If you already created an account, please login to file your raffle renewal and report​. Follow the instructions on each page and provide the required information.  You will need to have your most recent raffle license number in order to use the online system.

Please note that your raffle license must have expired within the last 30 days or be set to expire in the next 60 days to renew on-line and that the total number of raffles conducted must not exceed 365.

Note:  The online system works best with Google Chrome. If using Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox, you may experience difficulties in renewing your license. 

If you prefer to process your renewal via print, complete and mail, please select the following:

Raffle Renewal Application/Activity Report

Please review the record-keeping and reporting requirements for raffles​.

​Printing Class A Raffle Tickets:
If you need to print Class A raffle tickets, please use your current license number. As long as your license is valid at the time of printing, you may print your Class A raffle tickets with that current number, even if your drawing is after the expiration date. Be sure to file your renewal prior to the expiration date so there is not a gap in your license periods.
If your license is expired you MUST wait for the renewed license number to be issued before printing tickets.

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