Apply for a New Bingo License

​​​Please see “Wisconsin Bingo Law Requirements” which explains the requirements of Chapter 563,
Wis. Stats.  Further information and report forms will be sent with the approved bingo license.


There are two types of bingo occasions which you can hold under a bingo license:
A. “Unlimited” Bingo Occasions
   This type of licensing allows an organization to hold an unlimited number of bingo
   occasions during its licensing year. Games may be played on hard cards (Regular
   bingo) or disposable paper sheets (Special bingo). If Regular bingo is played, an
   admission card must be sold for not more than $1.00, which can be used for all
   regular games. Extra hard cards of a different color may be sold for up to $1.00
   each and used in all Regular games. You may play some games on paper sheets,
   charging up to $1.00 per face. If only Special bingo is played, paper sheets must
   be available on a game-by-game basis for not more than $1.00 per face and no
   admission fee may be charged.
B. Limited Period Bingo Occasions
   This type of licensing allows an organization to hold bingo occasions once a year
   for not more than 4 of 5 consecutive days, using hard cards or paper sheets. No
   admission fee may be charged. Cards are sold on a game-by-game basis for not
   more than $1.00 per face per game. This type of license is for festivals, fairs, and
   other once-a-year events.
   You may hold both types of occasions under the same license.


All bingo occasions listed on the license application must fall within a period of 12 months. Your
license period will begin on the first day of the month containing your first scheduled occasion.
For instance, if the first occasion listed on your license application is February 16, the license
period will begin February 1 and expire on January 31 of the following year.
When applying for a license, do not schedule any occasions on the application which occur
beyond the twelve-month period.


All bingo supplies and equipment must be purchased from a licensed bingo supplier​ or purchased
or borrowed from another organization licensed to conduct bingo. 


Eligibility for a bingo license is explained in Chapter 563 of the statutes.  If
your organization has not been issued a license within the last four years, please submit a copy of its
articles of incorporation, bylaws, constitution, or charter. In addition, if “Other organization to
which contributions are tax deductible” is checked in #2 of the “Bingo License Application,” submit
a copy of the organization’s Letter of Determination from the Internal Revenue Service.
This office may request additional information from your organization to determine eligibility.


The bingo license fees are:
   A. Each bingo occasion - $10.00
   B. One member designated responsible for the proper utilization of gross receipts -$5.00

The $3.00 amendment fee listed on the application is not paid for an original license or renewal
license application. The $3.00 fee is only required if you amend an existing license.


Please complete the application form in its entirety and submit it with the required fees and
eligibility documentation. Submit your application to reach this office at least 45 days in advance
of the first date you plan on conducting bingo. If your application is incomplete, it will be returned
to you for correction. This will delay the processing of your application. You may not conduct
bingo until you have received the bingo license.


An organization may amend an approved license during its license period. You will receive more
information regarding amendments with your approved bingo license.

The following documents are those you need to review when considering an application for a bingo license.  Please review all these documents so that you can make an informed decision as to whether it is an activity that your group wants to undertake. 

Instructions For Completing the bingo license application 2018.pdf

Bingo License Application 2018.pdf

Bingo Supplier List 24.pdf

Link to Bingo Rules, Regulations, and Publications

We are here to help. Please contact the Office of Charitable Gaming at (608) 270-2530 if you
have any questions regarding bingo licensure.