Newspaper Rates for Publication of Legal Notices

​​​​​​Official State Newspaper: State agencies are required to publish legal notices in the official State newspaper designated by the Legislature. The current official State newspaper is the Wisconsin State Journal in Madison. Ordering instructions, rates and other details are published in the State Procurement Contract, Legal Notices in the Official State Newspaper​.

Other Newspapers Publishing Legal Notices and Facsimile Ballots: The maximum rates which certified Wisconsin newspapers may charge to publish legal notices required by Wisconsin statutes are adjusted annually by the Wisconsin Department of Administration and/or as needed due to changes in font, column width or number of paid subscribers. Ordering instructions and other details are published in the State Bureau of Procurement contract, Legal Notices in Newspapers Other than the Official State Newspaper.

Newspapers Certified to Publish Legal Notices​


Information regarding the publication of facsimile ballots can be found in the Guide to Computing Fees for Publishing Facsimile Ballots in offers searches for public notices by keyword, date, newspaper or location. The public notices that appear on the website are available to users at no charge and were originally published in Wisconsin newspapers.

DOA-3417 Certification of Legal Notice Rates for Newspaper​

Newspaper Certification Letter

Ch. 985, Wis. Stats.


Wisconsin Department of Administration
State Bureau of Procurement
Newspaper Rate Certification Program
Ch. 985, Wis. Stats.