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General Obligation Refunding Bonds 2021 Series 1 (Forward Delivery)

General Obligation Refunding Bonds of 2021, Series 1 (Forward Delivery)
State of Wisconsin

(Competit​ Sale- Occurred ​on Tuesday, October 20, 2020)

The following are the Final Official Statement and bidding documents for the above-reference bond issue.   Paper copies of these documents may be obtained by contacting the State of Wisconsin Capital Finance Office at (608) 266-5355 or via e-mail at

 Final Official Statement (Dated October 20, 2020)

 Official Notice of Sale

Supplemental Agreement to Master Agreement on Continuing Disclosure

Addendum Describing Annual Report for General Obligations

Master Agreement on Continuing Disclosure (Amended and Restated March 1, 2019)

The Final Official Statement includes by reference Parts I, II, and III of the State of Wisconsin Continuing Disclosure Annual Report, dated December 22, 2019.

State of Wisconsin Continuing Disclosure Annual Report, 2019