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Tragic events involving violence in communities across the country have prompted school administrators to confront the challenges of preventing and suppressing violence in K-12 institutions. Educational leaders and public safety officials are considering a wide range of options that include the purchase of supplies, equipment and services needed to strengthen the physical security of schools.

On March 15, 2018, Governor Scott Walker issued Executive Order 279 directing the Department of Administration, State Bureau of Procurement to assist school districts by making available state contracts that provide security and safety supplies, equipment and services at competitively-bid prices and advantageous terms. This website was created in conjunction with Governor Walker’s $100 million School Safety Plan. 

The State Bureau of Procurement is carrying out Governor Walker's directive by:

  • Consulting with school and public safety officials on security and safety purchasing needs.
  • Providing links to relevant state contracts in one convenient location on this website.
  • Creating new contractual resources to provide a wider range of necessary equipment, supplies and services.
  • Encouraging vendors to extend state pricing and terms to private schools in Wisconsin.

The State Bureau of Procurement welcomes participation in this important initiative by vendors, public and private school administrators and public safety officials. Please use the feedback section of this website to offer comments and questions. In addition, please register to receive updates as new contractual resources are added to the site.

School districts are advised that contracts listed on this site offer safety and security solutions that may be purchased with most funding sources. However, not all products or services are eligible for the Wisconsin Department of Justice, School Safety Program. Please see the Resources tab for a link to more information about the grant program.

The Department of Administration appreciates the opportunity and privilege to help make all schools safer for Wisconsin's children and teachers.

 Benefits of State Contracts

The Wisconsin State Bureau of Procurement uses competitive processes to establish statewide contracts for materials, supplies, equipment and services to support the needs of state government. These contracts cover a wide range of needs, but for those that are agency-specific, state agencies and UW campuses also establish contracts that may be of use to other entities (piggybacking). All these contracts adhere to Wisconsin procurement laws and policy, while driving cost savings and beneficial outcomes for the state.

Wisconsin Statutes §16.73 establishes the authority to allow Wisconsin municipalities to purchase from these state contracts, including public schools. Many of the state’s suppliers offer the same contract terms and discounts to municipalities, extending the benefits of these competitively solicited contracts.

Benefits include:

  • Lower pricing
  • Standard terms and conditions
  • Consistent warranties and customer service requirements
  • Vigilant stewardship of taxpayer funds
  • Public confidence using consistent and transparent processes

Contract customers also benefit from the support and service of State Bureau of Procurement professionals that manage these contracts and supplier relationships.

,td>Facilities Maintenance and Repair & Operations (MRO) and Industrial Supplies
Contract TitleContract NumberCategoryProducts Available
Public Safety Communications Equipment 505ENT-O22-SAFETYCOMM-00Communication EquipmentRadios, dispatch consoles, repeaters
Public Safety Video Systems 505ENT-O18-SAFETYVIDEO-00SurveillanceVideo equipment, surveillance cameras
Facilities Maintenance and Repair & Operations (MRO) and Industrial Supplies505ENT-M19-FACILITMRO-00Building Security, Communication Equipment, Surveillance, Tools, Other​​Metal detectors, video surveillance, access control, tools, key control items, security ID badges, two-way radios
Statewide General Office Supplies and New Toner 505ENT-M19-OFFSUPPLY-01Building Security, Communication Equipment, SurveillanceKey control items, pepper spray, surveillance & Security cameras, security ID badges, safety vests, radios
Wireless Plans and Devices 505ENT-M17-WIRELESSPH-XXCommunication EquipmentDevices and Data, Voice Service Plans
NASPO Computer Equipment and Peripherals 505ENT-O16-NASPOCOMPUT-00Tools, OtherVarious computer hardware to be used in safety solutions
Office Furniture 505ENT-M20-OFFURNITUR-00Building Security, OtherSelect furnishings with locking devices
Educational Furniture 505ENT-M16-WSCAEDUFURN-00Building Security, OtherSelect furnishings with locking devices
IT - NASPO Software VAR (Value Added Reseller) Contract 505ENT-M21-NASPOSVAR-00SurveillanceSoftware and cloud solutions for safety and security monitoring
Contract TitleContract NumberCategoryServices Available
Security Guard Services - Statewide 505ENT-M21-SECGRDSVS-00Building SecurityUnarmed and armed security guard services
Resources and FAQs

Department of Justice School Safety Grant Program

Executive Order 279 Regarding School Security and Safety Equipment, Supply, and Service Contracts

Fact Sheet & FAQs - Access to frequently asked questions about this initiative. Use the Comments feature below to ask a question or email DOA.

VendorNet: Search Contracts - Use VendorNet to search for and view contract documents, and to find contract information for contract managers.

VendorNet: General Procurement Information - provides a variety of information regarding procurement.

WISBuy - if you are interested in using WISBuy, the State of Wisconsin's electronic marketplace, to shop available State contracts, please click here to contact the WISBuy team.

Project Communications Archive - Review all key updates and communications about this initiative that have been done to date.


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