Small Business Regulatory Review Board

​The Small Business Regulatory Review Board (BOARD) founded in 2003 and reconfigured in 2011 by Governor Walker, consists of seven small business owners, one state Representative and one Senator who are involved with Small Business issues in the Legislature.   

As advocates for small businesses, the BOARD assists state agencies in promulgating rules that are realistic to reduce red tape, lessen the compliance burden and improve the business climate in Wisconsin to foster economic expansion and job growth. 

To accomplish the promulgation of realistic rules, the BOARD encourages a partnership between small business and state agencies giving business owners a seat at the table and a voice in the development and reform of state regulations. This participation in the rulemaking process allows for greater transparency and accountability, and informed evaluation of the economic impact on business and should result in rules with the fewest negative impacts, compliance costs, or unintended consequences. 

The Office of Business Development  (OFFICE)  provides support services to the BOARD.   Through outreach with business owners across Wisconsin, the OFFICE raises awareness of the BOARD and its purpose, seeks recommendations for rules that need reform or repeal and serves as a link between business, the BOARD, state agencies, the Governor’s office, and the Legislature.  The OFFICE assists business owners and the BOARD in identifying rules for review, serving as a liaison with agencies to solve problems, get answers and identify available resources across the State.  

The success of the OFFICE and the BOARD is measured by the assistance they provide to businesses and their ability to help guide common-sense reforms as identified by business in Wisconsin.​