Division 28 - Electronic Safety and Security - Master Specifications/Design Guidelines

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Electronic Safety and Security - Design Guidelines - Division 28

​File Name​File TitleRev. Date
​Fire Alarm Guidelines.pdf​Fire Alarm System Standards & Design Guidelines​3/1/2021
Div 28 Rev Hist.pdf​Division 28 Revision History


Electronic Safety and Security - Master Specifications - Division 28

File NameFile TitleRev. Date
28 00 00 Detail.dwg​Security Detail​3/1/2021
28 05 37.docx​​Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System​​3/1/2021
28 08 00.docx​Commissioning of Electronic Safety and Security3/21/2022​
28 10 00.docx​Access Control System3/21/2022​
​28 23 00.docx​Video Surveillance System3/21/2022​
28 23 00 Instructions.pdf​Supplementary Instructions for 28 23 00​3/1/2021
28 31 00 Details.zip​Fire Alarm Symbols and Details (AutoCad format)3/1/2021
​28 31 00.docx​Fire Detection and Alarm