Division 22 - Plumbing - Master Specifications/Design Guidelines

​​DISCLAIMER:  These files are intended for use by consultants to the State of Wisconsin and by others for construction and remodeling of State owned facilities. The State of Wisconsin bears no liability nor responsibility for any other use of these specifications.

At the ​start of each project, consultants must download the current revision of all DFD files that apply to the project. There are two ways to download the files:

  1. Download individual files from DFD's Master Specification website. Right click on the file name and choose Save link as. Repeat this for all applicable files.
  2. Download multiple files simultaneously from DFD's file Transfer Protocol (FTP) site. Open your File Explorer program and type ftp://doaftp1380.wi.gov/master_spec​ into the address bar. Copy the applicable files to your computer. Division 01 files are not ava​ilable on the FTP site and must be downloaded from the Division 01 Master Specification website.​

Plumbing - Design Guidelines - Division 22

​File Name​File Title​Rev. Date
Code Conversion.xls​DSPS Code Water Conversion Tables​7/15/2021
Domestic Sizing Instructions.docx​​Domestic Water Pipe Sizing Instructions​7/15/2021
FloorDrainsGuide.pdf​Areas with Floor Drains Guidelines​3/31/2016
Plb-FP Guideline.pdf​​Plumbing and Fire Protection Design Guidelines​​10/1/2012
PSI Loss Tables.xls​PSI Loss Tables​7/15/2021

Plumbing - Master Specifications - Division 22

File Name​File Title​Rev. Date
22 05 00.docx​Common Work Results for Plumbing​11/1/2019
22 05 13.docx​Common Motor Requirements for Plumbing​​10/1/2012
22 05 14.docx​Plumbing Specialties​​10/1/2012
22 05 15.docx​Piping Specialties​​10/1/2012
​22 05 23.docx​General Duty Valves for Plumbing Piping1/31/2024
22 05 29.docx​​Hangers and Supports for Plumbing Piping and Equipment​​3/17/2023
​22 07 00.docx​Plumbing Insulation​​10/1/2012
​22 08 00.docx​​Commissioning of Plumbing​​12/1/2016
22 10 13.docx​Facility Fuel Piping​​10/1/2012
​22 11 00.docx​Facility Water Distribution​​10/10/2017
22 13 00.docx​​Facility Sanitary Sewerage​​4/6/2018
​22 14 00.docx​​Facility Storm Drainage​4/6/2018
​22 15 13.docx​General Service Compressed Air Piping​​10/1/2012
​22 30 00.docx​​Plumbing Equipment​​10/16/2017
22 42 00.docx​​Commercial Plumbing Fixtures​10/1/2012
​22 50 00.docx​​Pool, Aquarium and Fountain Plumbing Systems​​10/1/2012
​22 60 00.docx​​Gas and Vacuum Systems for Laboratories and Healthcare Facilities​2/4/2020
22 67 00.docx​​Processed Water Systems for Laboratories and Healthcare Facilities​​​10/1/2012

Plumbing - Master Details - Division 22

File Name​File Title​Rev. Date
Plumbing DetA.dwgPlumbing Details A​10/18/2017
​Safing Details.dwg​Safing Details (Located in Division 09 FTP Directory)​​8/22/2017