Wisconsin State Capitol Building

​​​​​​​​​​​​​A picturesque, sunlit panoramic view of the Wisconsin State Capitol Building against a cloudy blue sky and a few trees in view.

2 East Main Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53702-0100

Facilities Management Group 1

Constructed from 1906 to 1917, the facility contains 531,315 GSF of space.  It was designed with four equal wings of five (5) stories and a central rotunda and dome reaching to 284.4 feet high.

The State's flagship facility houses the State Senate, the State Assembly, the State Supreme Court, the Attorney General, the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Secretary of State, the State Treasurer, and their respective staffs. The Capitol Police and the DOA Capitol Tour staff also occupy space in the building. For scheduling Tours of the facility, please visit the Capitol Tour website​​.

Available Transportation/Parking

​  Parking
​115 assigned stalls; 30 1-hour public stalls & 6 10-minute stalls
​Bus stop on each corner of Capitol Square except for S. Carroll St.
​  Car Pools
​  State Van Pools
  ​Bike Racks
​At Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. & Wisconsin Ave. entrances

Handicapped Accessibility

​3 on E. Washington Ave. at base of grand stairs
​  Ramps
Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Wisconsin Ave, East Washington Ave. & West Washington Ave. entrances​
​  Entrance
​Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Wisconsin Ave, East Washington Ave & West Washington Ave entrances are automated
​2 women's, 3 men's & 1 all gender on ground floor all with power assisted door openers 
​  Lactation Room
Tour desk staff will register visitors who need to use the Lactation Room & provide a temporary access pass to Room B4N.
​  Elevator Signage
​1 on each side of the grand stairs in South & North wings; 1 on south side of East wing; 1 on north side of West wing
​No public telephones available
  ​Water Fountains
​Ground floor by the elevators in the South, East & West wings
  ​Directory Signage
​On right hand side of the wall just inside King, North Hamilton, State, and South Hamilton entrances