Wisconsin Air Services

Air Transportation for State and University of Wisconsin Officials and Employees

Wisconsin Air Service's professionally trained pilots and technicians provide safe, comfortable, and convenient transportation. Our fleet of efficient turboprop passenger aircraft offers efficient travel for state officials and employees, whether to rural Wisconsin or Washington, D.C. Two airplanes, King Air and Pilatus parked near the hangar


The mission of Wisconsin Air Services (WAS) is to deliver safe, comfortable, and efficient travel for the Governor, State, and University officials and employees. WAS provides central scheduling and dispatch of all transportation on State-owned aircraft. WAS ensures optimum safety, efficiency, and economy in the management and maintenance of the State’s passenger and work aircraft.


Super King Air 350

A front view of King Air 350 twin engine turboprop parked on a narrow side road near the hangar against a blue and cloudy sky  

Our Beechcraft King Air 350 twin-engine turboprop is equipped with an executive interior for up to nine passengers and ample room for baggage. The comfortable, pressurized cabin features adjustable seating with fold-out tables. Travel time is short with cruise speeds above 330 mph and non-stop range with nine passengers exceeding 1,000 statute miles.* This aircraft is capable of operating in and out of most public airports in Wisconsin and is equally at home flying cross country to the nation's busiest airports.

Pilatus PC-12

A side view of the Pilatus PC-12 turboprop aircraft parked in front of the hangar against a clear blue sky background

Our three Pilatus PC-12 turboprop aircraft are equipped with nine-passenger coach-style seating with ample room for baggage. We can efficiently and quickly get your group of up to 27 people, with three airplanes, to your destination. Low operating costs make it ideal for small groups as well. Cruise speeds of 295 mph and non-stop range with nine passengers exceeding 500 statute miles.* The PC-12 is at home flying into small rural airports as well as major city airports.

*Non-stop range depends on aircraft loading, number of passengers, passengers' weights, and weather conditions.


WAS rates are based on statute mile distance from departure to destination, plus an hourly charge while waiting for your return flight. Expenses may also include airport landing and facility charges, hotels, ground transportation, and meals for the WAS crew.

PC-12: $5.26 per statute mile

King Air 350: $7.65​ per statute mile

Wait Time: $60 per hour between flight legs

Sam​ple Travel Times

Madison to: King Air Pilatus Drive
Chicago, IL0:260:302:44
Green Bay0:270:312:25
La Crosse0:280:322:20
Eau Claire0:390:442:51
Minneapolis, MN0:531:004:19
Omaha, NE1:201:366:33

Times vary with weather conditions.