Wilson Street State Human Services Building

​​​​​​​An angular V shaped view of the Wilson Street State Human Services Building and the adjacent road with a few parked cars.

1 West Wilson Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53703-3445

Facilities Management Group 1

The State Human Services Building was the first state office building built outside of the Capitol. Built in phases starting in 1930 (Unit I), Unit II in 1939, the Penthouse in 1952, and Unit III in 1959.  It occupies 422,087 GSF of space.  It has 11 stories above ground and 4 below ground.

The State Human Services Building is headquarters to the Department of Health Services.

Available Transportation/Parking

​  Parking
​Assigned employee parking
​  Bus
​Madison Metro stops in front of building
​  Car Pools
​  State Van Pools
​  Bike Racks
​In courtyard at east entrance

Handicapped Accessibility

​4 handicap spaces
​  Ramps
​Front end east and rear parking area
​  Entrance
​Automatic sliding door entrance on Ground floor East side of building
​  Restrooms
​18 men's & 17 women's; 1 shower facility for men and women
​  Elevator Signage
​Yes; accessible elevators in each lobby with Braille signage
​  Telephones
​No public phones
  ​Water Fountains
​All floors
  ​Directory Signage
​Located in main entrance lobby on W. Wilson St. Not Braille enhanced. Security guard in the lobby to answer questions.